Online Brand Protection from SnapDragon, ACID’s Brand Enforcement Service

SnapDragon, ACID’s Brand Enforcement Service (ABES), have now launched an Amazon-only self-service package designed to help SMEs detect counterfeits and other IP infringing goods, as well as observing prices & competitors on one of the world’s largest e-commerce platforms.

Today, trade in fake goods makes up 2.5 per cent of all world trade and is growing by 25% year on year. Counterfeit goods can have a devastating and dangerous impact on a business and the consumer, making it vital to fight back. Added to this, SMEs are unfortunately at a higher risk of being targeted.

SnapDragon is aimed specifically at helping SMEs to protect their brands from copies and counterfeits, and takes action by identifying illicit sellers on the world’s busiest online platforms to protect the products – and the reputations – which companies have worked so hard to create.

For the past three years, SnapDragon’s team of highly skilled linguists have worked with a host of iconic brands to protect them globally, including ACID members Harris Tweed and Plant Theatre. Peter Magee from Plant Theatre said, “We didn’t even know something like SnapDragon existed, we were delighted as it saved us hours, if not days of work, they really have some serious software they have developed and what it delivers is astounding.”

SnapDragon provides this protection in a flexible manner, allowing clients to choose one of two ways that suits them best – either a self-service plan (where brands do their own thing, using the software themselves) or the managed service (where SnapDragon looks after it all). Of course, no matter the service plan, the team is always in the wings keeping things right. It’s also so flexible that companies can switch between plans easily, dependant on their needs at the time – ideal if working with a seasonal product.

Now SnapDragon has adapted again, launching an easy & affordable Amazon-only DIY monitoring tool, to give companies the power to fight back against the ever-changing threats to their brand online. This new offering means that smaller companies who only want to monitor Amazon’s UK and US platforms can now be empowered to do so by using  SnapDragon’s software-as-a-service tool, Swoop. Swoop easily identifies suspect links, therefore enabling the companies to take the necessary steps to get the offending items removed from sale.  Available at just £125/month, this affordable tool allows even more SMEs to get involved with tackling counterfeits, enabling them to free up critical resources and focus on other key business activities.

Like all online marketplaces, and despite Amazon being one of the world’s most successful, it’s not unusual for brands selling on these platforms to find themselves being targeted by counterfeiters.  Rachel Jones, SnapDragon founder, highlights this issue saying: “Amazon has become the platform of choice for brands who want to sell their products online. But with that comes the significant threat of counterfeits. By offering an affordable & automated tool that monitors Amazon, we can help so many SMEs who are currently facing the risk of counterfeits or spending a great deal of time monitoring the platform manually. Swoop can detect counterfeits very quickly, making it much easier to spot fakes and for the company to swiftly take action to have them brought down.”

As well as monitoring for counterfeits, SnapDragon’s software allows companies to observe the price at which their product is being sold in the marketplaces, as well as keeping an eye on competing products or brands.

The sale of counterfeit goods can only be prevented if companies feel confident, supported and empowered to take action. The team at SnapDragon are eager to help ACID members and other brands do just this. ACID Members benefit from discounted rates on ALL SnapDragon services.

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