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Sign the ACID IP Charter Now

Has your work ever been copied?

Put your name to the ethos of IP respect, ethics and compliance in design

Are you a designer, artist, maker, or business owner? Or an individual or organisation that promotes IP as a positive force for change? Are you passionate about promoting and protecting intellectual property rights? If yes, then join us in promoting a culture of respect for intellectual property and protecting the rights of creatives by signing the ACID IP Charter today.

As the UK’s leading membership and campaigning organisation for design and intellectual property, we have been committed to raising awareness and encouraging respect for IP within individual and corporate responsibility for nearly a quarter of a decade. Working tirelessly to protect the rights of creatives and combat design theft, we created the ACID IP Charter: a Code of Conduct and a statement of intent that sets out your promise to uphold ethics, respect and compliance as a minimum to designers of original works.

ACID Charter Signatories are those who have taken this pledge – from individuals and businesses within any industry, to designers themselves. Join us today and become an ACID Charter Signatory!

Why Sign the ACID IP Charter?

By signing the ACID IP Charter, you are taking a public stance against unlawful copying in design, amplifying the voice of designers across the UK, and affirming your support for the continual campaign for the preservation and promotion of invaluable IP protection rights. 

In the UK, our vibrant creative industries are growing five times faster than the economy, with the design sector playing a pivotal role in our nation’s innovation, growth, and sustainability. Yet, as our creative momentum increases, so does the prevalence of design theft and IP infringement. Copyists pose a substantial threat to the UK’s economic success and cultural standing, whilst personally impacting the livelihoods of designers all across the country. 


Join the ACID community and increase our collective power to drive change across the UK’s IP landscape in the battle against design theft.


Use the ACID Signatory badge on your website and marketing collateral, displaying our high-profile and powerful brand of deterrence.


Benefit from regular IP bites and newsletters delivered straight to your inbox, with the latest news, views and advice on important IP issues.

Your Reasons for Signing

The thriving ACID community represents diverse design, designer-maker, and manufacturing enterprises across 25 different sectors, working together to defend the rights of creatives from the damaging effects of design theft. Discover the perspectives and motivations behind our Charter Signatories’ decision to pledge their support.

Maggie Magoo Designs

I've had my work copied a few times and it's a horrible feeling. It seems to be happening more & more. It's great to know ACID is there, for support, guidance and fighting on our behalf.

Carole Fenwick


Spaced Out Limited

Design is a positive ingredient in a civilised society and therefore designers rights ought to be revered and protected

James Engel

Director / Designer

St James' Square Law Firm

Having worked with ACID in the past, I know first hand the great work undertaken to promote the right to protect and enforce intellectual property.

My firm is being acquired by national law firm, Knights Plc, soon, so I will also promote the work of ACID at this firm, too.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Connor Cartledge

Associate Solicitor

Sign the ACID IP Charter Now

By signing the ACID IP Charter, you can make a powerful statement in support of intellectual property rights. The process is quick and easy – simply fill out our online form. As a signatory, you’ll be granted a non-exclusive license to display a choice of two logos on your website and marketing materials, and you’ll receive social media graphics to publicly showcase your commitment to protecting IP rights. Upon submission of the form, you’ll be able to download your logos and graphics immediately.