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ACID Partners

We value our relationships with other Membership Organisations supporting the Creative Industries

For many years ACID has worked alongside and collaboratively with other trade associations and membership organisations to ensure that their members have access to the best intellectual property advice.  Our new Partnership Program is seeking to establish reciprocal discounts with our Partners and we will keep you posted on this initiative.

We work closely with other non-sector-based membership organisations

We work closely with Government bodies & departments through our campaigning & lobbying efforts

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Intellectual Property Office



Intellectual Property Office



IP Crime Unit


Policy Connect

Cross Party Think Tank

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Intellectual Property Office

ACID works with exhibition and event organisers on various levels.  From ACID Accreditation, where ACID attend exhibitions to deal with alleged infringement mediations, to providing seminars, presentations and IP information, we take the opportunity to educate exhibitors and visitors alike on their IP rights and how to support them.


Exclusively Housewares

Brook House Exhibitions


The Jewellery Show

Closer Still Media

ACID regularly contributes articles, comments and opinion to a range of industry based trade press.  Our Media Partners are key to spreading the IP news we generate to a wider audience and we are grateful for our Partners sharing our Press Releases and News Stories to their readership. 

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