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Social Media & Online Platforms

IP Tips & Guidelines on Takedowns

With the expansion of global markets come the challenges of finding solutions when copying is discovered on social media and online platforms. In the second of this webinar series, Kelly Hudson – Chartered Trademark lawyer and IP specialist from McDaniels Law (one of ACID’s Legal Affiliates) will help us by providing tips, guidelines, and solutions to removing infringing copies.

What to expect? In this 45-minute webinar with 15 minutes Q & A, designers, designer-makers and manufacturers will be guided through the fundamentals of IP; before launching into how you take practical steps to protect your online content and bolster your confidence in navigating what, to many, is a maze.

Who should attend? 
This webinar is for all designers, designer-makers and manufacturers at all stages of their careers, who are keen to learn more about navigating their way around online social media platforms and how to meet unauthorised online-misuse with confidence.

What will you takeaway?

  • Rules about using images and permissions– it pays to read the small print!
  • What to do if you discover an online infringement
  • How to avoid defamation if you challenge someone online
  • A basic refresher of IP law, Q & A.

Angus Gardner, MD of Caroline Gardner Publishing said, “Intellectual Property is very much at the heart of the Caroline Gardner Publishing brand and every time a new product is designed a copy is lodged on the ACID IP Databank. Our cards have an extremely loyal following and are both instantly recognisable and highly sought after by a diverse group of consumers. We are pleased to be part of the ACID Community and support ACID’s consistent aims to raise awareness about IP infringement and press urgently for design law reforms.”

Designers face many business challenges – not least navigating around the different social media platforms. It can be daunting discovering knock-offs and being unsure of what to do. With this in mind, why not take some time to learn some simple steps you can take to stop unauthorised use of your content (©)?. Whatever your design sector, content is king and more importantly – YOUR content. This is all underpinned by intellectual property, which needs to be protected.

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