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Student Membership

For the Designers of Tomorrow

We believe in 'Educate to Protect' for our young designers

We meet students through many means, at exhibitions, seminars, webinars & online – but all say the same – they do not receive enough information on what rights they are creating in their work and how to protect it through their design course curriculum. IP can be confusing, but knowledge is the key to understanding what rights you have and how best to support them.

Joining ACID as a Student member at a heavily discounted rate is our opportunity to educate you on how to take the leap into business with an armoury of benefits available. Are you showing your designs to third parties – use an ACID Confidentiality agreement. Have you been approached by a large company who want to licence your design? Speak to ACID Legal Affiliates for advice. Do you want to secure your unregistered rights until you have the funds to register your designs with the UKIPO or EUIPO? Use the IP Databank as your first level of support. 

From £5.21+VAT Per Month

Join the ACID Community

Get full access to ACID's Standard Membership benefits at an affordable rate, including the IP Databank to protect your end-of-year designs.

“UK design punches well above its weight contributing a massive £71.4b to the UK’s GVA. Sadly, however, there are many who seek a fast track to market through blatant design infringement. It is imperative that the future of tomorrow’s designers is secured through tough enforcement measures. However, a great first step is to create a proactive IP strategy!”
Dids Macdonald OBE
CEO & Co-Founder

Why Become an ACID Student Member?

You’ll receive a whole host of benefits, services and self-help tools that can be accessed through the website, including:

Membership Logo

Get a license to display the Member of ACID logo on your websites, products and marketing materials as a powerful brand of deterrence.


Take the opportunity to respond to surveys and give your opinion through case studies, and get your voice heard at Parliamentary level.

Free Legal Advice

Gain entitlement to a free period of preliminary legal advice on separate issues from our IP Specialist Legal Affiliates.

SnapDragon Monitoring

SnapDragon’s cutting-edge AI, Swoop, proactively hunts down online threats & infringements. As an ACID Member, you'll benefit from a 15% discount!

IP Databank

Upload your designs and documents to our online IP Databank to ensure you have third party dated evidence of their existence.

Webinars & Events

Keep track of upcoming ACID events including ACID’s Business Webinar Series or Meet the Team at ACID Accredited Exhibitions.

Starting your Design Career?
We can educate you on your IP