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Celebrating ACID's 25th Anniversary

ACID Turns 25! #ACIDat25

ACID’s trailblazing work and ongoing campaigning has been a game changer in championing designers and the importance of their intellectual property rights’ protection. This has influenced and brought about positive change in the legal and political landscape. The Design Economy is one of the success stories of the UK contributing nearly £100 billion to the UK’s GVA and the protection of its intellectual capital is critical.

In our 25th year, we want to shine a light on, and celebrate with everyone the huge success that has been achieved since the organisation was co-founded by Dids Macdonald (a designer maker) and Simon Clark (an IP lawyer). From a round table action group it has grown to be a key influencer in design law reform over many years. 

It is a time for us to celebrate, but also an opportunity for a call to action, a reminder to all that ACID’s work remains more crucial than ever as the infringement of original work is an ongoing crisis. There are still mountains to climb!

We continue to champion, connect, and inspire change for good for those working in the design and broader creative industry sector, many of whom are lone, micro and SME.

Will you join us to celebrate and mark 25 years of extraordinary work in supporting designers?

You can do this in lots of different ways.
  • Download our press pack including our press release and new birthday celebratory assets and support us by sharing on your networks
  • Sponsor one of our linked anniversary events or online IP sessions
  • Sign our ACID IP Charter and leave us a quote and endorsement
  • Become an ACID Partner
Watch this space as we continue to update this page with campaign news and ways you can get involved.

We are also planning an exciting VIP celebratory birthday event in early November as well as producing a special edition ACID magazine. If you are interested in supporting this event or our special issue magazine, please get in touch by emailing: [email protected]

Did you know...

Notable moments in our history
  • ACID’s campaigning culminated in the Intellectual Property Act 2014 which made the intentional infringement of a registered design a criminal offence
  • ACID lobbied for the creation of the role of Minister of Intellectual Property and the UK is now one of the few countries in the world to have one.
  • In 2000 copyright history was made in a case by then ACID members Designer Guild v Washington DC when the Judge determined that a copyright infringement was qualitative and not quantitive.

Our ongoing work really matters.

So please spread the work about ACID, and help us celebrate and look ahead to supporting the next generation of designers, makers, artists, inventors and innovators.
Thank you to all, our valued members and supporters over the years, you are the lifeblood of ACID and we salute you all 😊

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ACID Achievement & Successes to Date

ACID has achieved a lot in its 25-year history; from its campaigning that culminated in the 2014 IP Act – making the intentional infringement of a Registered Design a punishable criminal offence – to its involvement in many thousands of mediations and settlements. Click below to read about ACID’s triumphs and ongoing campaigning.