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ACID Welcomes New Partnership with Heritage Crafts

ACID is delighted to announce our partnership with Heritage Crafts. This partnership will allow us to work together in advocating for the protection of traditional craft skills, promoting ethical practices, raising awareness about the importance of these crafts in our society, and the importance of intellectual property (IP) underpinning it all.

ACID believes that by aligning our knowledge of IP with Heritage Crafts, we can provide a stronger platform for designers and craftspeople to showcase their work, connect with a wider audience, and strengthen IP rights.

Through this partnership, we aim to create opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and skill development within the design and craft community. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and look forward to working closely with Heritage Crafts to support and preserve traditional crafts for future generations.

Dids Macdonald OBE., CEO of ACID, said, “Heritage Crafts is an inspirational organisation bringing together a diversity of truly talented individuals. Through our new partnership we hope to provide some tools of self-help and clarity on some of the intellectual property issues within the traditional crafts area rich in skill, originality, and innovation. The intellectual assets of these companies cannot be under-estimated, and we are delighted to be working closely as partners.”

Dids Macdonald OBE., CEO of ACID

Daniel Carpenter, Executive Director of Heritage Crafts, said, “Craftspeople invest huge amounts of time, money, skill and creativity into their craft, and nothing is more disheartening than seeing other people immorally and illegally profiting from their hard work. There is still a lot of confusion and misinformation around what people can do to protect themselves, which is why we’re delighted to be partnering with the experts at ACID, to dispel the myths and help makers protect themselves.”

Daniel Carpenter, Executive Director of Heritage Crafts

Together, we will continue to champion the importance of craftsmanship, creativity, and innovation in design, while celebrating the rich heritage and cultural significance of traditional crafts.

We are confident that this partnership will bring immense value to our members and the wider design community. Join us in celebrating this exciting collaboration and let us make a positive impact on the world of design and craft together!

Heritage Crafts

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