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Cissy Cook Designs


The creative enterprise Cissy Cook Designs uses both the model making skills from her film work and her passion for design. Cissy creates unique decorative and sculptural artworks in an ever expanding range that explore texture, colour, light and form.

Why did you join ACID?

I had been making and selling my paper cut artworks for around 3 years when I noticed copycats popping up. I had one client who bought a piece assuming it was mine. It was not.

I needed to learn more about my IP rights and take legal advice. Joining ACID provided both.

How did you start your business?

I worked as a television art director for 12 years which I loved as it involved all aspects of design. During this time I started playing with ideas for a range of paper cut artworks, initially for children, which took off incredibly quickly. I then launched a wider range of larger scale pieces that I make to order and now have an international client base, taking on commissions for hotels, restaurants, interior designers, art consultants and private homes.

How do you create and protect your designs?

I have a stack of notebooks charting every design from conception to completion. I also have a huge ‘work in progress’ notice board where I pin all my trials and half formed ideas. When a design is ready I submit it to the ACID Design Databank which I find extremely reassuring!

Which ACID services have you used?

I use the ACID logo wherever I can – on my website, emails and always on my stand at shows. It’s a great deterrent. I have taken advice from the ACID affiliated lawyers which was incredibly useful and of course I utilise the Design Databank. Also, following various case studies over the years via the newsletter and website has kept me informed of developments in IP rights.

What are you currently promoting?

I am always adding new designs to my existing range and will be launching two more at fairs this Spring/Summer. I am also focussing on bespoke commissions for interior designers and further developing these professional relationships.

What is your most successful product?

The ‘Box of Butterflies’ is definitely my most successful piece. I have been making them for more than ten years and they are, thankfully, still much in demand. It’s a good job I still enjoy the process of making these!





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