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Calling all Fashion, Bridal & Children’s Wear Designers – an IP Webinar

Designers in the fashion sector work in a diverse landscape. So, whether you design fashion, footwear, children’s wear or bridalwear, the designs you create are all underpinned by intellectual property which needs to be protected. Great designers find solutions. This requires skill, talent, and an ability for many to translate a brief into market viability. They are the key players for how products look, feel, and perform. This vital experience is achieved by acquiring the relevant technical and industry knowledge, often, through sheer sweat equity. This has a significant value.

British fashion designers and makers are some of the best in the world but unfortunately, there are those that want to take the fast track to market by free riding on your ideas and creativity to copy or “adapt” them. 

Anti Copying in Design Webinar 21st January 2021 11-11.45AM

Sharing insights on IP and design protection to achieve growth

What is intellectual property? Why is it important?

How can I protect my designs?

Online theft, what can I do?

What are the myths surrounding IP?

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On 21st January 2021 ACID’s co-founder and CEO Dids Macdonald, OBE., will share some of her practical insights into building a pro-active intellectual property strategy to enhance growth and protect designs. Dids, whose designs were copied shamelessly by some major high street retailers, believes that taking a few steps to better understand the laws that protect designers can make all the difference.

With Dids Macdonald will be Gavin Llewellyn, a partner at Stone King and a design law expert who will be there to answer all your IP questions and dispel some of the myths about IP.

Find out more about how ACID supports those in the Fashion sector here

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