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Your Reasons for Signing the ACID IP Charter

The motivations of ACID Charter Signatories

As a Code of Conduct and statement of intent, the ACID IP Charter has been embraced by individuals, businesses, and designers who believe in the value of protecting intellectual property. By reading on, you’ll discover the perspectives and motivations behind our Charter Signatories’ decision to pledge their support. We hope their diverse insights inspire you to consider joining us in supporting the protection of intellectual property.

Kreativity Marketing Ltd

We are proud to sign the ACID IP Charter and pledge our unwavering support to promote ethical & professional practices for the design community, as a part of your movement to protect and safeguard IP rights for designers across the UK, fight against unfair practices, and support our country's innovative, unique and successful design industries. We believe that being part of this charter is an important step towards building a better future for creators and protecting their livelihood - and we are here to fight beside ACID and our fellow designers as we seek to pursue our passions without fear of design theft.

It's time to make a change!

Katie Rogers

Founder & Director

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The ACID Charter is a Code of Conduct and a statement of intent that sets out your promise to uphold ethics, respect and compliance as a minimum to designers of original works. ACID Charter Signatories are those who have taken this pledge - from individuals and businesses within any industry, to designers themselves.

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Whether you are a student, sole trader, micro, macro, SME or Corporate, ACID Membership can help to underpin your intellectual property rights and your creation of a sound IP policy to enable your company to grow. ACID Members receive access to a whole host of benefits, services and self-help tools.