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Your Reasons for Signing the ACID IP Charter

The motivations of ACID Charter Signatories

As a Code of Conduct and statement of intent, the ACID IP Charter has been embraced by individuals, businesses, and designers who believe in the value of protecting intellectual property. By reading on, you’ll discover the perspectives and motivations behind our Charter Signatories’ decision to pledge their support. We hope their diverse insights inspire you to consider joining us in supporting the protection of intellectual property.

Global Solutions for Clothing (GSC) Limited

This is a common-sensical application of current law to a reasonable evolution of design in a modern era. We must evolve these areas to support and encourage innovation in our sector, and that originators can do so without fear.

Harrison Palmer


Made in Staffs

As a maker myself I uphold all that ACId stands for. But via Made in Staffs I reshare local makers and I am seeking them to grow in their business and development and that means encouraging unique ideas and not replicating Intellectual property which is rife in the ‘home crafter /beginner business arena. Many have never heard of ACID and see nothing wrong with using high street product design in their items for sale. I signing the charter to say I will not promote/ share or encourage a creative to use IP in their design and will actively promote Unique Design thinking for those Businesses I represent in a professional manner including representing and promoting the use of ACiD for their own business and designs.

Angela Hill

Head of operations

Morgan Contract Furniture Limited

At Morgan, we are committed to the ethics of ACID, and being a design-led manufacturer, it is vital that we protect our IP vigorously in order to prevent damage to our reputable brand. Also, as a Designer, I personally do not advocate any form of copying.

Erin Johnson

Design Manager

Jenncard Fine Arts UK

I welcome the work of organisations like ACID as a means of stimulating security and therefore growth of artisan businesses. Diversification is key to bringing new ideas to the marketplace. This can be achieved by ensuring that small entrepreneurs receive adequate support to enjoy the same rights and opportunities as large and global corporations. While mass-production may reduce costs for consumers, mass-producers need to foment an environment in which independent companies can compete without threat.

Jennifer Laurie

Owner/ designer/ manager

2G Environmental Ltd

I was involved in both licensing and creating new innovative products in both North America and Europe. I have had issues with product copying and logo infringement in the past.
I want to be with the good guys and support the smaller and innovative entrepreneurs.

William Reilly



Here at Spaced Out we are avid supporters of ACID, having been members for over 20 years. We believe in all that ACID stands for. Thank you for your continued support that helps us remain active and secure within what is otherwise a heavily mined IP landscape. JimE Designer (James Engel) - Spaced Out - Director

james engel


Chiselwood Limited

To be part of a large group of people having a large voice to lobby and protect IP and our designs.

Mel Holliday


Triclimb Ltd

As a small innovative company we have seen our designs stolen time and time again - we need change...!

What we need is on-the-ground protection, assurance and a system that works. We need to be confident to create designs and know we won’t have to spend our lives, and our profits, fighting to defend them whilst suffering the effects of the bullying tactics of David and Goliath fights – where deep pockets are essential.

Chris Dunford

Director Designer

National Bed Federation

As THE trade association for UK manufacturers of mattresses, bases, headboards and bed frames, we wholeheartedly support ACID's efforts to protect design rights and are happy to be a signatory to the new ACID charter and to encourage our members to support it too

Jessica Alexander

Executive Director

Robert Welch Designs Limited

Intellectual property is the life-blood of designers across all sectors and while there are some innovations which are robustly protected by the law - copyright and patent - design is an outlier and infringers profit from an imbalanced system which fails to adequately act as a deterrent or provide recourse for designers against copying. I am delighted to sign the ACID IP Charter as ACID continues to campaign tirelessly for much needed change.

Juliet Loudon

In-House Legal and IP

Beach Hut n Boats

Anyone can copy! It is so much harder to come up with an idea, not to mention hours of making the prototype. The finished item is usually simple in design and very effective. Which makes people feel they are entitled to copy.

Lesley De Gruchy


Atelier Grigo

I’m frustrated at the continued lack of understanding of original design ownership and its value to the originator. (particularly in the US where i currently live and work) it is often said to me ‘well no design is original anyway’ and copying is learning. I regularly see the design process starting by building upon someone else’s original work or research.

Katrina Grigo-Mcmahon

Director of Design

Redhound for Dogs

I'm in a niche that is full of new businesses that have been heavily 'influenced' by those of us who actually have the skills to create original designs and I am signing this charter to help promote awareness that copying is wrong and the original design is always the best.

Debbie Humphreys

Founder and partner

Shelagh Wilson

I have admired ACID's unique and determined efforts to protect design, I only wish they got more government support. They have defended and upheld both the moral and legal rights of our wonderful UK design community. They don't just need our collective support, they truly deserve it - our heroes.

Associated accountancy Services Ltd

ACID is an amazing organisation completely dedicated to supporting Designers. I sign to show my support and contribute to the fighting fund.

Ann Bond


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The ACID Charter is a Code of Conduct and a statement of intent that sets out your promise to uphold ethics, respect and compliance as a minimum to designers of original works. ACID Charter Signatories are those who have taken this pledge - from individuals and businesses within any industry, to designers themselves.

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