Webinar For Jewellery Designers Time To Get IP Savvy

An Anti-Copying in Design (ACID) webinar sharing insights on design protection to achieve growth – June 25th 11.00-11.45

As a jewellery designer, creating something unique and beautiful that someone will want to wear, using different combinations of material takes time and is a rare talent. And we know, the work of a jewellery designer begins in the mind.  Maybe it’s a new idea, a spark, unrestrained by convention, history or protocol? The creative talent, skills and training you have, distinguishes you from other jewellers and their designs and creations.

As Hannah Louise Lamb describes in her blog “My work is inspired by the rugged beauty of nature and my pieces reflect coastlines, skylines and landscapes of special significance to each of us.”

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British jewellery designers and makers are some of the best in the world and the IP that underpins original designs needs to be protected. Unfortunately, there are those that want to take the fast track to market by free riding on your ideas and creativity to copy or “adapt” them.  A©ID is here to support you and other like-minded creatives as a community to demonstrate our commitment to protecting creative designs and products. On June 25th ACID’s co-founder and CEO Dids Macdonald, OBE., will share some of her practical insights into building a pro-active intellectual property strategy to enhance growth and protect designs. Dids, whose designs were copied shamelessly by some major high street retailers, believes that taking a few steps to better understand the laws that protect designers can make all the difference.

With Dids will be Gavin Llewellyn, a partner at Stone King and a design law expert who will be there to answer all your IP questions and dispel some of the myths about IP

What is intellectual property? Why is it important? How can I protect my designs? What are the basics of a proactive intellectual property strategy? Online theft, what can I do? What are the myths surrounding IP?  A Q & A session will end the webinar so be ready with your queries!

James Deakin of Deakin & Francis said, “We have been involved with ACID for some years as design infringement and copyright theft is sadly a common factor in the jewellery business. We spend a great deal of time crafting our jewellery items and it’s always disappointing when we see cheap imitations online. Over several years ACID have helped us on many levels. To register products, as well as defend our designs being copied. We value being part of the ACID family and it’s essential for all design businesses.”