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The Hargreaves Review

The Hargreaves Intellectual Property Review

On the announcement of a further review into the UK Intellectual Property framework by Professor Ian Hargreaves, ACID were keen to put forward their lobbying objectives for design law reform in a submission which included a number of ACID Member real life case studies of infringement from SME’s and their experience of dealing with the legal system in place for design infringement in 2011.

ACID’s CEO, Dids Macdonald wrote to Professor Hargreaves “ACID speaks on behalf of many SME’s on IP design related issues in the UK and a significant amount of dialogue, input and effort has gone into this submission which we believe provides the IP Review team with real, achievable and balanced recommendations for implementation. However, our long term goal is that it will serve Government and future policy makers with a meaningful blueprint for an IP framework, a catalyst for the UK’s micro and SME IP creators within the creative industries, to provide the growth and stimulation necessary for economic and job certainty in the next decade.”

Following the publication of the Review in May 2011, ACID highlighted Professor Hargreaves observation that, “Recommendation: The design industry. The role of IP in supporting this important branch of the creative economy has been neglected.” 

Whilst welcoming some of the Reviews recommendations, in response ACID published a post-review position paper and commented, “ACID strongly welcomes the Review’s timely acknowledgement of the importance of design to the UK economy. Whilst we support the recommendation of an evidence-based assessment of the relationship between design rights and innovation, we believe that establishing a firmer basis for evaluating policy at the UK and European level should also encompass all aspects of the IP rights which support the UK’s 50+ design disciplines, the majority of whom are small businesses. The past decade has seen little in terms of clarity in IP design policy having left it to social scientists, academics and economists. Industry organisations should be seen to have a voice in policy creation in the future.”

Read the full Hargreaves Review here

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