Only one week until the Design Guild Mark deadline.

There is only one week to go to apply for the 2019 Design Guild Mark.

(Furniture and 2D)

The Design Guild Mark, awarded by The Furniture Makers’ Company, has been distinguishing the excellent from the ordinary in the design of furnishings intended for volume production for 10 years.

The Design Guild Mark is unique to other awards programmes as the submitted design and designer are reviewed in person by a panel of distinguished judges.

Dids Macdonald, OBE., CEO of ACID and Senior Warden of the Furniture Makers said, “Year on year, Design Guild Marks are awarded to the best of the best. ACID members Morgan Furniture, Channels, Design by nico are just some of those who have received the prestigious Design Guild Mark. A Mark of excellence, it recognises the highest standards I the design of furnishings across two categories (Furniture and 2D) for volume production, by the finest designers working in Britain, or British designers working abroad.Designs awarded a Design Guild Mark benefit from increased industry and consumer awareness, press and social media coverage, with the designers and companies behind them also receiving enhanced brand recognition.”

Holders include designer heavyweights PearsonLloyed, Benjamin Hubert, many in-house design studios, such as the ones run by Boss Design and Benchmark, as well as fabric designer Rachel Evison and Gary Bridge from Axminster Carpets.

The final deadline for entries is 24 January 2019.

To apply now, go to

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