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Lord Triesman is appointed as the first Minister for Intellectual Property

In her letter to Chancellor Gordon Brown in 2006, with reference to the announcement of the The Gowers Review, ACID CEO, Dids Macdonald included in the ACID wish list, “The Appointment of a Government Minister – Managing Intellectual Property. A dedicated Minister who will ensure that there is a coordinated effort to place intellectual property and exploitation as a national priority.”

ACID were delighted to hear of the appointment of The Rt. Hon. Lord Triesman as first Minister for Intellectual Property in 2007 following the Gowers Review.  ACID has made particular efforts to engage with all those appointed as IP Minister since 2007.  Unfortunately, with the rapid changes in Government posts, we have interacted with over a dozen IP Ministers!  But we are delighted to be working positively with the current IP Minister,  George Freeman MP, who was originally appointed in 2021. 

Recent political changes meant that George Freeman resigned his position.  With Rishi Sunak now in position as Prime Minister, George Russell has  been reinstated as IP Minister.  ACID are pleased to hear this as we had previously met with George Freeman and were glad to engage with a Minister who recognised IP as a positive force for growth.

Image: Dids Macdonald with Adam Aaronson and the second appointed Minister for Intellectual Property, Baroness Morgan on ACID’s 10th Anniversary.