Using The Deterrent Logo

The ACID Brand of Deterrence – Use of the logo

ACID members are encouraged to use the ACID logo as much as possible on their marketing material, product literature, advertisements, samples and stationery; sending a clear message to potential infringers.

Many ACID members use the logo together with the following statement on their websites and marketing material:

“All intellectual property rights in our designs and products (and in the images, text and design of this website/brochure) are and will remain the property of (insert your name here). Any infringement of these rights will be pursued seriously.”

This statement is available in 8 different languages: ACID IP Statement.

You can download the logo here. If you need an .eps file, you can download it here.

Many ACID members also use the logo and the following statement as a standard email signature:

“(insert your name) are members and support the aims and objectives of ACID (Anti Copying In Design)”

When using the ACID Logo, please ensure that you put a hyperlink to the ACID website (www.acid.uk.com) to show potential copyists that you’re aware of your IP rights and have the support of ACID! View the presentation below to see how some members use the ACID Logo: