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Exhibiting: Ten Top Tips for Protecting Your Designs

Exhibitions are one of the most valuable marketing venues but they can also be vulnerable to copying - taking a few simple steps to protect your designs and products can make the difference and maximise the returns in the design and investment of new product. Discovering a copy of one…

What’s in a Name: Naming Your Company

Naming a company can be as important as naming a child. It's your passport to getting noticed in commercial life, to waving your flag and reflecting the credentials of your organisation. In the same way, there are hundreds of Zoe's, Zach's and Henry's in the UK, when you chose your…

The Insignificant Detail: Catching the Copyists

How did King's Lynn gain that river? Puzzled ramblers in King's Lynn may have written to the Ordnance Survey over the years to complain about the inaccuracy of their maps. In an out-of-court settlement with the Automobile Agency (AA), the canny Ordnance Survey admitted that they deliberately make mistakes in…

Pitches & Tenders: How to Prepare & Respond

When preparing for a pitch, keep a complete record of all your ideas, designs and creative input, ensuring that there is a complete paper trail of your work, from the first brainstorming session through to initial sketches and detailed design drawings or detailed explanation of your ideas. Don't forget you…

Never Sue on Principle: Don’t Be an Armchair Lawyer

Taking legal action against someone whom you believe has copied your designs is not for the faint-hearted and it can sometimes be an expensive business, so think about these watch points and make sure your decision is a wise one. If you have to take legal action against someone you…

Money Laundering: Mandatory Requirements

Why do you have to identify yourselves to solicitors before they will act for you? Before any firm of solicitors can act for a client for whom it has never previously acted, it is bound by law to perform certain checks and obtain certain documents to verify its identity. The…

Litigation Strategies: Prove Your Design Ownership

Intellectual Property is a “property” right not an economic right. Many designers do not realise that intellectual property (IP) law is based on property law. So, in just the same way as you buy a house or flat, most people will spend several hundred pounds on employing a solicitor to…

The Importance of Intellectual Property Statements

For use on website, marketing material, labelling, and advertisements in fact anywhere you wish to communicate your anti copying message and also, by using with the ACID logo, this reinforces your message but also supports the aims and objectives of the organisation a zero tolerance of IP theft. English All…

Exhibiting in China? Guidelines to Follow

Whilst China offers SME's a huge opportunity to showcase new designs and products at exhibitions, it is key to consider a risk assessment strategy before committing to the considerable expense of exhibiting in an overseas location. Just a quick glance at the table below will put a snapshot on the…

Specialist Lawyers: Understanding the Process

If you have to instruct a lawyer to act on your behalf, don't forget it is a solicitor's responsibility to read and interpret small print with a fine toothcomb and their sole objective is to act in your best interests. Lawyers and especially specialist lawyers take years to become experts.…

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