Managing Employees’ Mental Health

As CBI trade association partners, Anti Copying in Design (ACID) recognises that, amongst the many other challenges that Covid 19 has highlighted, mental health and well-being should not be ignored. Increasingly, being isolated and working remotely can be a challenge and it is important that help is available to help ensure optimum mental health and positivity. 


On Thursday 12 November the CBI has invited a distinguished panel of speakers Register here to take part who will guide participants through a series of discussions to highlight the following:


  • How culture, leadership, management capabilities and job design can all affect the wellbeing of a workforce
  • How to address fairness and work reallocation of work tasks
  • How other SME’s are managing remote working and what their concerns are
  • What the CBI is focusing on in this area
  • What practical steps the CBI is undertaking to ensure the wellbeing of its remote working staff


Dids Macdonald, OBE., CEO of ACID said, “We fully support and welcome this CBI initiative and I want to reach out to our ACID members, many of whom are lone, micro and SME to let them know about this important webinar. Being able to access expert help and advice is going to be beneficial I am sure”.



  • Emma Stewart MBE, CEO Timewise Foundation
  • Lauren Adams, HR Director, CBI
  • Joelle Warren MBE, Executive Chair and Founding Partner, Warren Partners
  • Deborah Fraser, Director – Regions, CBI (Chair)