Make it in Design (MID) Feature an IP Podcast with ACID CEO Dids Macdonald, OBE

In a recent podcast, CEO of MIID Rachael Taylor interviewed ACID CEO Dids Macdonald, OBE., highlighting some of the often-asked questions about IP from 2D designers.

Watch the podcast here.

ACID and Make It In Design have a very special relationship, born out of a “David and Goliath” copying incident when Marks & Spencer produced an identical design to one that Rachael had created which is reported here and here – Rachael also wrote a passionate blog in the hope that by sharing her horrible experience with the design community she would help others. She cited ACID’s help had given as “invaluable”. Today Rachael sits on the ACID Advisory Council representing 2D designers and, through her own baptism of fire, is very IP-savvy!

Dids Macdonald said, “Being a designer within this sector takes a lot of skill and creativity and it is important that you protect your work. It really is a competitive world out there. it’s your creative talent, skills, and training that you have which distinguishes you from other designers and their designs and creations. And it’s also true, that British designers are some of the best in the world and the intellectual property that underpins original designs needs to be protected, especially as we now emerge from the Brexit transition period. Unfortunately, there are those who take the Fast Track to market through copying so it’s time to get your “IP house” in order!”

Find out answers to some of the questions posed, by watching the podcast here.

  • Have you registered any of your designs? Do you think it offers any protection against plagiarism? What would you advise?
  • What is the position regarding making work based on photos found on the internet?  I know it is illegal to reproduce the actual photo but what about using an element (e.g. a flower or leaf, or even the composition of the photo) and making sketches and motifs from it?
  • Should we be concerned with copyrighting any of our ideas shared on social media? If so, how should we do this?
  • I’ve noticed that some surface designers and licensing artists have sections of their website that are password protected portfolios. Do you suggest this for emerging surface designers? Should art be presented in this section as a regular portfolio under password protection or something different?
  • Is it always best to have a written agreement with a client and is there somewhere I can get examples to use?
  • What would be the first steps to take if I suspect I have been copied?
  • Can I use a famous quote?
  • If you are involving a customer in the design process, who holds the copyright to that design? For example, If I was to design a pattern but they picked their own colours or wanted the design ‘tweaked’ to their requirements?

Do you want to learn more about 2D pattern design? Look no further! Find out more about the amazing Rachael Taylor and the Make It In Design team here.

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