Daily Mail Report Another “Lookalike” Issue as Pretty Little Thing Apologises to DNS (Do Not Subverge)

Hot on the heels of another lookalike story between retailers Swoon & Simon Brewster, ACID has  been made aware of another major retailer apology after lookalike T-shirt designs were removed from sale by Pretty Little Things after a post was discovered on Instagram, images revealed that both designs were remarkably similar (read the Daily Mail report here)

An Instagram comment by DNS said of Pretty Little Things:

“The temptation to think differently consumes us. Unlike fast fashion brand @prettylittlething, we have spent the last two years pouring our hearts into a brand that represents everything we believe in. A passion for creativity, originality, and the pursuit of non-conformity. This came to life with the launch of our first collection ‘DNS001: DO NOT WEAR’.

Fast forward six months, and we find out it has become a cog in the fast fashion wheel. We are genuinely upset to be associated with a company that has such little respect for the creativity of independent designers. The cheap, mass-produced replica retailed at £10, which is a fraction of our production costs alone. Not only does this massively undercut our product, but it links us to a brand that stands for everything we oppose.

This is not the first time @prettylittlething has profited from exploiting smaller labels, and it won’t be the last. They have attempted to silence us by removing the products from the website, but we won’t allow them to shamelessly degrade and devalue the integrity of smaller brands any longer. Help save the fashion industry and #CancelPLT.”

Dids Macdonald, OBE, CEO of Anti Copying in Design commented, “With the immediacy of social media, major brands must realise that they cannot get away with riding on the back of original designer’s intellectual property, producing cheap lookalikes and profiting without being challenged. It is the originality of British designers who bring something different to the world of fashion and increasingly brands like Pretty Little Things, Swoon and others must demonstrate ethics, respect and compliance for IP. Producing cheap copies undermines the integrity of originally designed fashion. The tide is turning against those who take the fast track to market by producing lookalikes!”

ACID will soon be announcing a campaign to stem the tide of indiscriminate copying by major retailers. If you would like to tell us your story, please write to info@acid.uk.com

Do Not Subverge website can be found here. You can like and follow them here.