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IP Changes – “From Russia Without Love!”

According to several reliable sources, Russia has decided to amend a section of its civil code. This, according to the Economist, was little known “Decree No 299” which states that “unfriendly countries” US, EU, UK, and Ukraine will no longer have intellectual property protection and Russia is completely at liberty to use patents (including medicine and digital technology) without getting permission from the owner or paying for their use.

Dids Macdonald, OBE., CEO of ACID said, “This is a word of warning to all IP rights holders who trade in Russia, it would appear that not only patents will not be unprotected, but this paves the way for trade marks, copyright, and designs. This leaves western companies vulnerable and already it would seem that Judges are now asking why foreign companies deserve protection.”

City A.M. say,The Russian government has effectively legalised piracy by introducing new laws stating that Russian firms are allowed to use innovations from unfriendly countries without paying to use the IP, according to state-backed newspaper Rossiyskaya Gazeta. Link here” and continues, “The Russian government this week said Russian companies have no obligation to pay patent holders from countries that sanctioned Russia for use of their intellectual property, according to local media reports.”

Further information on trading in Russia can be found here with a dedicated helpline

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