IP and Brexit: Outstanding ‘Cliff-Edge’ Risks

The Alliance for Intellectual Property have published a paper that seeks to bring attention to a number of threats associated with Brexit and our future relationship with the EU which, if not given urgent consideration, have the potential to cause considerable damage to the industries represented by the Alliance and which rely fundamentally on Intellectual Property.

In doing so the Alliance for IP states “It makes every effort not to succumb to ‘kite-flying’ nor ‘wolf-crying’. Instead we identify precise, often technical, policy concerns, cutting through the noise of ambiguity that has surrounded many Brexit warnings in recent years and pointing directly to issues where urgent attention is required. We therefore intend this to serve as a constructive document and a genuine aid to Government and policy-makers.

Despite the difficulties caused by the legal and technical nature of the issues raised, and despite the ongoing uncertainty of negotiations with the EU and the overall Brexit process, we maintain that the issues present such serious risks to IP-rich sectors that it is essential they are considered in depth, through consultation with industry and across relevant government departments. We then call for detailed assurances from Government on how it intends to avoid these cliff-edge risks.

 For our part the Alliance will soon publish a follow-up ‘opportunities’ paper, detailing how the UK’s IP-rich industries – assuming such cliff-edges are avoided of course – can not only flourish in a post-Brexit environment but take on a unique and central role in delivering a domestically and internationally successful future for the UK.”

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