Former Employee Pleads Guilty Over Producing Fake Furniture Products

Inside Furniture report on a former employee of furniture manufacturer Robert Thompson’s Craftsmen Ltd who has pleaded guilty over making fake products.

York Magistrates Court heard how Daniel Cooke manufactured and sold fake ‘Mouseman’ furniture items that featured the carved mouse trademark of the Yorkshire business’ products.

The company lodged a complaint against Mr Cooke, who left the business in 2017 after joining back in 2009, when it spotted a number of ‘Mouseman’ products being sold on eBay.

Following the complaint, North Yorkshire County Council’s trading standards team launched an investigation and found that the items Mr Cooke was selling were in fact fakes with the trademark being misleadingly carved.

Items of furniture included coffee tables, a money box and a Yorkshire rose, which were all found at the home of Mr Cooke.

Mr Cooke admitted to producing the fakes and following a deeper investigation into his eBay account, he had sold 70 items in total under the trademark.

Following his guilty plea to six offences under the Trade Marks Act 1994, Mr Cooke was ordered to pay £1,592 in costs, while also being served with a community order requiring him to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work.

Dids Macdonald, OBE., CEO of ACID commenting on the case said, “The Robert Thompson Museum is a centre of excellence established by Robert Thompson in the 1930s, known as the Mouseman of Kilburn. The standards of craftsmanship now continuing under the Robert Thompson brand are all marked with a carved mouse symbol and have become world famous and collectible. The fact that Daniel Cooke, a former employee, chose to make fakes built on these originals is unthinkable and it is right he has been legally held to account.”

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