Fighting Fakes in China: VOGUE Business Report Record Pay-out and a New Era!

ACID has been alerted by CEO Tamara Cincik and our friends at Fashion Roundtable that Vogue business editor, Annachiara Biondi has reported, “The tide is changing in China. International brands, largely powerless against counterfeiters in the country, have long battled a lack of enforcement and long-winded proceedings. But a recent ruling by the Shanghai Huangpu District Court signals an important shift for luxury brand protection.”

The article goes on to report that, “On the 5th of January, American sportswear brand New Balance was awarded RMB 25 million in damages ($3.85 million) after four and a half years of litigation against New Barlun (China) Co. Ltd and Shanghai Shiyi Trade Co. Ltd. The court ruled the two companies had infringed New Balance’s trademark rights through the manufacturing and distribution of shoes marked with the brand’s recognisable “N” symbol. The compensation sum, subject to appeal, is one of the largest awarded to an IP owner in the sports sector in the history of Chinese IP lawsuits. New Balance had asked for RMB 30 million ($4.6 million). New Barlun (China) Co. Ltd and Shanghai Shiyi Trade Co. Ltd couldn’t be reached for comment.”

Read the full Vogue article here.

Anti Copying in Design CEO Dids Macdonald, OBE., said, “This is a welcome result and I am encouraged by the fact that lawyers consider this an important step in the Chinese legislature. Taking a tougher stance on copying enforcement which has been the scourge of fashion brands, whether micro or macro, for far too long. Vogue have done an incredible job to recognise the damage to the global fashion industry by indiscriminate and large-scale fashion theft!”

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