Designer David Turpin wins ACID Design & IP Champion Award 2019 on British IP Day

On British Intellectual Property Day, Anti Copying in Design (ACID) is delighted to announce this year’s 2019 Design & IP Champion is David Turpin with the Flit ebike. Unfolding the Flit ebike in an incredible short 10 seconds provides up to 40Km travelling on a single charge and is available soon.

In a unanimous decision, leading design judges, Sarah Weir, OBE, CEO of the Design Council, Deborah Dawton of the Design Business Association, Dan Black, Creative Director of Black+Blum, Nick Kounoupias, ACID Chief Counsel decided that the Flit ebike was a worthy winner of this prestigious prize.

Dids Macdonald, OBE., CEO of ACID said, “Not only is this design so innovative and ahead of the game, David Turpin acknowledged that IP protection was an absolute priority. With such a financial investment in the development of the unique ebike designs, the team at Flit are very diligent about their IP and have a proactive IP strategy. This has been achieved through a combination of a trademark on their name, patents to cover mechanical inventions, and registered designs to cover the physical appearance of their product. In addition, their ACID membership has helped them to receive free legal advice and to lodge their designs in the IP Databank. This gives them the confidence to keep on developing exciting new products.”

On becoming the ACID Design & IP Champion 2019 winner, Dave Henderson the inventor of the ebike, with David Turpin said, “We’re really happy to receive this award, particularly for an ebike project. Ebikes are a great way to encourage more people to experience the health and wider social benefits of cycling. In developing this ebike, we focused not only on reducing weight, having it fold down small, and making sure it rides well, but also on ensuring that it has a coherent design that anyone would be proud to own.”

Judges’ Comments:

Deborah Dawton – Chief Executive, Design Business Association – It’s rare that the combination of mechanical and technological innovation lead to a product that is also desirable in consumer eyes, and this is what makes Flit’s ebike stand out for me. In a world where we’re demanding more of the products, we invest in because of their impact on us, the environments we live and work in, and on the environment at large, Flit have scored on all fronts. Cities need to be cleaner; inhabitants need to be fitter, and our products need to smarter; and all this needs protecting. They’ve set themselves up for a great, ‘protected’ future as a business.”

Sarah Weir, OBE – Chief Executive, Design CouncilThis is a great combination of really imaginative and thoughtful design, with a host of interesting influences, a creative approach to the growing ebike market and a clear understanding of the importance of IP to their future success. As one of our Design Council Spark 2018 ventures, it is also great to see how their product has developed.”

Dan Black – Co Founder & Lead Designer, Black & Blum“David Turpin of Flit (Cambridge) Ltd is a worthy winner because of the level of complexity with inventing a new mechanism in this already competitive market and finding something new and innovative.”

Every June, ACID celebrates British IP Day and the remarkable contribution of British Intellectual Property creators to promote the role that intellectual property rights (designs, trademarks, copyright and patents) play in encouraging innovation and creativity. Designers are judged on their creativity, design and innovation. They are also asked to demonstrate why IP matters to their success and growth. Sustainability, new thinking, value, solving problems, fit for purpose and longevity were also considered by the judges.

The Judges also commented on the Runner up – Melissa Yip of Innermost:

It’s often at a point too late in the process that designers consider the IP platform that they’re establishing in their product development cycle, and that leaves them open to infringements. Melissa Yip and Bud Light put this at the heart of their design development, securing them future collaboration opportunities with other designers, and the confidence to exhibit internationally without fear of design theft. This is an unusual and different approach to designing lighting in a way that will make it stand out in a crowded market. It is truly sustainable, and she is using IP to ensure she can reach a wide range of international markets early in the life of the product.” 

And 2nd Runner up – Claire Elsworth Design

“IP is as integral to this range of products as the quality of design and the creative flair Claire brings to her maximalist range. She also fully embraces sustainability in both her methods and processes. This combination of factors makes for a great story, which she tells extremely well.”

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The presentation to the winner will be made at an ACID Advisory Council meeting on July 16th by Pippa Hall, Director of Innovation at the Intellectual Property Office.