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Dean Russell MP Appointed Minister with Responsibility for Intellectual Property

Anti Copying in Design is delighted to share with you that Dean Russell MP has been confirmed as the Minister for Enterprise and Markets with responsibility for Intellectual Property.

Nick Kounoupias ACID’s Chief Counsel said about Dean’s appointment, “I am delighted to learn that Dean Russell MP, who has worked closely with Prime Minister Liz Truss for many years, has been appointed as the new Minister for IP. Dean is a hugely respected and effective campaigner and knows a lot more about IP than some of the previous incumbents in the role. We look forward to working with him to ensure that designers are afforded the same legal protection in the UK as other creators, which is not the case currently.”

Adam Williams, Interim CEO of the Intellectual Property Office said, “Intellectual Property has a central role to play in making the UK’s economy one of the most innovative and creative in the world.  We look forward to collaborating with Dean to ensure the UK’s IP environment continues to make a strong contribution to the Government’s agenda on innovation, trade, and Global Britain, and remains a powerful enabler for growth.”

Dids Macdonald, CEO of Anti Copying in Design said, “Intellectual property is a positive force for growth and especially within the design sector. We welcome Dean’s appointment and wish him luck in navigating his way around the IP landscape and hope we can engage with him as soon as possible, especially in light of the forthcoming Designs Consultation early in 2023.”

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