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Change of Name for the Patent Office

The Patent Office changes name to the UK Intellectual Property Office

One of ACID’s lobbying objectives for some years had been the confusion that the name ‘Patent Office’ caused amongst holders of other intellectual property rights.  ACID felt that a name encompassing all IP rights should be implemented and we were pleased to see this recommendation put forward in the Gowers Review

Name of the Patent Office

6.23 The name of the Patent Office can be misleading to stakeholders. It suggests that the

office is only concerned with patents while, in fact, it performs a broad range of functions in

relation to all IP. The present name also contributes to the perception that other forms of IP,

for example copyright, take a lower priority.

6.25 Instead, the Patent Office should ensure that all stakeholders are given, and are seen

to be given, equal consideration in IP policy. The Review therefore recommends that the

name of the Patent Office should change to reflect better the functions it carries out.

Recommendation 53: Change the name of the UK Patent Office to the UK Intellectual

Property Office (UK–IPO) to reflect the breadth of functions the office has, and to dispel confusion

Read the Gowers Review in full here

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