BREXIT – Government issues “No Deal” advice and guidelines

The government has published a few guidance papers in the case of a ‘No Deal’ Brexit. The Alliance for Intellectual Property (ACID are members) have selected some key points for you below linking each paper if you wish to read the entire document.

Guidance paper on ‘Consumer Rights’ if there’s no Brexit deal  Areas that will be affected: consumer protection and cross-border protection, alternative dispute resolution and online dispute resolution, package travel, timeshare, textile labelling, footwear labelling;

–              There might be an impact on how UK consumers are protected when buying goods and services in the remaining Member States;

–              UK consumers will also no longer be able to use the UK courts effectively to seek redress from EU based traders, and if a UK court does make a judgement, the enforcement of that judgement will be more difficult as we will no longer be part of the EU;

–              Consumers are now advised to check the Member State’s protection legislation prior to purchase;

Guidance paper on ‘Geo-blocking of online content’ if there’s no Brexit deal

–              The Geo-Blocking Regulation will cease to have effect in UK law;

–              The original EU Regulation will continue to apply to UK businesses operating within the EU, and indeed all other non-EU businesses selling goods and services into the single market;

Guidance paper on ‘Existing free trade agreements’ if there’s no Brexit deal

–              UK will seek to replicate the effects of existing EU agreements with other countries, to create new identical bilateral agreements and activate these agreements from exit day where possible, as there won’t be an implementation period in the case of a ‘no deal’ Brexit;

–              The UK is regularising the terms of its WTO membership to establish UK’s independent WTO schedules; negotiations are ongoing for the country to become an independent member of the WTO Agreement on Government Procurement;

Guidance paper on ‘Structuring your business’ if there’s no Brexit deal

–              There will be changes to the cross-border regimes for UK companies operating in the EU. These companies will become third country businesses in relation to the EU.

–              UK members of European Economic Interest Groupings registered in other EU member states will be unable to continue to participate in the European Economic Interest Grouping unless the contract under which they are formed allows them, or is amended to allow them, to do so.

–              European Economic Interest Groupings registered in the UK may want to consider transferring their official address to another EU member state;