ACID Member Stories


Anti Copying in Design (ACID) Member Focus is a regular series where we feature individual
members who answer a set of questions about their businesses, how they got started, how
they protect their designs and use all aspects of IP as a positive force for growth. We also ask
them what their messages are to Government on design and IP law reform and other IP issues.
The complete articles are on our website, but we have extracted the particular answers below
to our question:
ACID is campaigning for stronger enforcement for design infringement and we value the
support of our members to enable ACID to campaign for design law reform. Do you have
any messages for Government/Policy Makers on IP issues?
These examples all focus on a common theme:
• stronger enforcement.
• cost & time effective access to IP enforcement.
• Introducing criminal provisions to be extended for unregistered design infringement
as a real deterrent against copying.

1. Lola Design, Amanda Mountain
Lola’s website
“More stringent, transparent and impossible regulation on penalties for copying would be
welcomed. Despite anti copying laws existing they are still difficult to apply and require budget
to support your legal bills and an appetite for risk when challenging another party, which is all
quite stressful.”

Lola Design are a UK based boutique producer of premium greeting cards, art and stationary
items led by husband and wife team Amanda (aka Lola) and Frank. All art is designed in house
and manufactured in the UK.

Lola Designs has been a member of ACID since 2013

2. Helmm, Sam Cranwell
Helmm’s website
“Please keep IP rights unified across Europe – the rights to own our own work should be
everywhere, not just in the UK.”

Helmm make stylish and practical standing desks, laptop stands and work accessories for
people who want to improve their health, wellbeing, and office interiors. Perfect for the
contemporary workspace or home office, Helmms interesting and architecturally influenced
products are designed to help with back-pain, productivity, and space-saving.
Using a sustainable, soft-to-the-touch wood, their UK-made, Scandi-styled products require
no tools to assemble whatsoever.

Helmm featured in ACID Magazine in 2018.
Helmm joined July 2017 – Ceased August 2018.

3. Helen Russell Creations, Helen Russell
Helen’s website

“We seem to stand to lose a lot of the intellectual property rights that came about through
European law as we head for Brexit, and they were by no means perfect! For a sole trader like
me registering each design through government is not practical or affordable. I want to be able
to design a pattern or complete an illustration and put my name on it and know that it is
automatically seen and recognised as my work. If I can prove the date, I created that work
through something like the ACID IP Databank then that should be legally binding enough to
put an end to a copying issue.
I cannot imagine that government representatives or policy makers on IP would be happy if
they spent weeks writing a report or campaigning successfully for change for someone else
to come along and take all the credit. At least they would still get paid. If someone copies a
self-employed designer or artist or any business then it’s not just idea theft, it’s theft of time
and immediate and long-term income from that idea.
The sector has proven time and again the economic and social benefits it brings to the UK.
We need the policy makers to recognise this and to support an industry that is made up of lots
of individuals who have brilliant ideas and lots of passion for what they do. We shouldn’t have
to fight to prove what is ours, we should be using that time to make the UK creative industries
sector even stronger and better to achieve sustained growth!”

Helen Russell Creations like to celebrate life through home-ware, surface pattern and
illustration. After 10 years working in arts marketing Helen Russell Creations was launched at
the British Craft Trade Fair in April 2011.
A love of book illustration, animals, being outdoors and storytelling are central to her work.

Helen Russell Creations have been ACID members since 2013.

4. Gaynor Fuge, Gaynor Fuge
Gaynor’s website

“I fully support ACID campaigning for unregistered design right to have criminal provisions to
really put the D in “deterrence” against copying.”

Gaynor Fuge is inspired by all things wood. Handmade products vary from illustrations to
tactile pieces of wearable art, interior products and carved way markers for nature trails and
Interpretation Panels. Working with reclaimed, recycled or wood from sustainable sources
each piece evolves with heaps of passion, an eye for detail and the desire to make someone

Gaynor has been an ACID member since 2013.

5. Claire Elsworth Design, Claire Elsworth

Claire’s website

“Help UK designers to get the protection they need whether it’s from infringement or changes
in design law that will affect us after Brexit, we are a valuable UK industry.”

Claire Elsworth Design is a luxury wallpaper and home decor brand for maximalist interior
enthusiasts seeking uniquely opulent designs for sanctuaries of luxury within the home.
Launching in Pulse at Top Drawer September 2019. All their products are designed, printed,
and manufactured in England, using environmentally friendly inks and processes.

Claire Elsworth Design Has been an ACID member since 2017

6. Lindsey Child Environmental Artist, Lindsey Child

Lindsey’s website (website unavailable)

“I think that there is need for significant development in IP issues particularly via social media
and online infringement. I have now spent over 200 hours producing an evidence timeline of
documentation and liaising with Instagram via its copyright infringement department to no
avail. The system to send a copyright infringement complaint was strange, as the writing was
so small and I could not even tell if anything had been sent. As I do not meet their criteria there
is no response
Further to this I feel the current copyright system for artwork is flawed, as discussed previously
and more emphasis is concentrated on, for example, the Music Industry. As, historically, no
investment has been put into supporting Design and the Arts these are blatantly being ripped
off via social media, leading to loss of earnings. Copyists effectively make it look like I am
copying them as they are pre-empting my development work and flooding the market ahead
of me, causing a secondary, damaging impact on my sales.”

The environment and impacting issues caused by man-made pollution is a driving force for
Lindsey Child’s new emerging work, currently semi abstracts & whimsical depictions of flora
before coastal erosion & climate change changes natural beauty.

Lindsey Child Environmental Artist has been an ACID member since 2018

7. Salon LibertineTM London, Victoria Hill

Libertine’s London’s website

“I really wish there could be a simple Global standard on IP theft. I understand that this would
be hugely complicated getting all countries together, but if we could at least get an agreement
across the EU and one that will extend after Brexit, that would be a fantastic start! A start
would be parity of rights and criminal provisions for unregistered design infringement to bring
the UK in line with criminal infringement for intentional registered design infringement.”

Salon Libertine London are a new London-based luxury interior lifestyle brand, set-up by
Victoria Hill, offering textiles, wallpaper, and fashion accessories. Their textiles and wallpapers
are printed in England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, using locally sourced base cloths
wherever possible and small British businesses with hundreds of years of experience. Salon Libertine have painstakingly selected the highest quality natural base cloths including
sublime pure Irish Linen, 100% British Cotton Velvet, Cotton Silks, Heavy Cotton Sateen, and
Irish Linen Union.

Victoria Hill t/a Salon Libertine London joined Nov 2017 – Ceased December 2019.

8. Lynn Forder Designs, Lynn Forder

Lynn’s website

“As a UK designer, I feel that it is critically important we have the protection required to offer
our services in the global marketplace. Because of this, I ask that the UK Government seeks
to create similar or better protection standards than currently exists within the EU.”

Launched in 2018, Lynn Forder Designs is a textile and print design studio based in Scotland.
Lynn is a self-taught Surface Pattern Designer originally from Edinburgh, now based in Fife
where she works from her home studio creating beautiful yet simplistic designs for a range of
homewares and accessories. All her products are made in Britain, including the printing of the
fabric itself, with incredible care and meticulous attention to detail at every stage of their

Lynn Forder has been an ACID member since 2018.

9. The Crafty Lass® Paula Milner

The Crafty Lass’ website

“It is very difficult for SMEs to take legal action because of the time and costs involved. I would
like to see simpler design laws and access to justice made more accessible to micro and small
businesses. Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of the creative industries and those
who possess these skills need to ensure that their IP is not eroded by copying. The
Government must encourage an ethos of respect for IP and support this with a much more
robust enforcement system against those who steal. IP theft should be treated just as seriously
as the theft of other valuables.”

The Crafty Lass’ craft workshops, projects and tutorials are intended to be therapeutic, not
‘difficult’ or ‘exclusive’ – just some crafty time out from our busybusybusy modern day lives. A
chance to learn a new skill, relax, meet, and engage with fellow like-minded people (face to
face, or in the wonderful online crafty community) – and make something both unique and
beautiful at the same time.

The Crafty Lass® studio – ‘The Old Grain Store’ is in the beautiful village of Lower Boddington,
Northamptonshire – full of rustic charm, yet a stylish, industrial setting. And it is here, that Paula
makes bespoke creative commissions, and works on providing accessible crafty inspiration!

The Crafty Lass has been an ACID member since 2013

10. Chiselwood Ltd, Mel & Martin Holliday

Chiselwood’s website

“We had the unfortunate experience of taking a company to Court. Although supposedly small
claims, the process was costly, taking a few years and the outcome was not conclusive. SME’s
find it hard and emotional to protect their designs and if this process is hard to act on, they are less likely to follow through to prosecution. Deterrence at the beginning would be better,
streaming the process for quicker, less costly outcome would help.
Education: starting from young designers in colleges and universities giving awareness of
what IP infringement is and how to protect designs.
Campaigns for general social awareness that the design sector contributes hugely to the UK
economy and provides nearly 1.7 million jobs. Promoting “Proud of British Design”
encouraging everyone to embrace inventors and designers alike and shouting loudly about
the intellectual property which underpins it!”

Design Director, Martin Holliday has always been inspired with great architects such as Gaudi,
Hadid and Foster. He is now recognised as one of the leading kitchen designers in the world.
This has rewarded him with many design awards including European winner of KDC Award
America (Sub-Zero Wolf Awards). Martin strives to be creative and innovative when working
on projects. Often stretching the boundaries with his designs, using mixes of material shape
and colour, Martins furniture is recognisable and distinctive.

Chiselwood have been ACID members since 2013.

11. Melver Design, Nick Mellor


“Design law is very complex, so a priority is to make it easier to understand the laws regarding
IP. Strengthen individual’s power to protect their work through exemplary damages would be
a great start. I would also like to see the introduction of criminal provisions for unregistered
designs as this would send a real deterrent message to those who copy as a deliberate

Nicholas Mellor’s love of contemporary furniture, and a desire to experiment with materials
and techniques, resulted in Melver Design.
After a successful career in project managing electrical installations, Nick decided to follow his
creative side and after completing a furniture design course run by Marc Fish, achieved the
ambition of running his own business. Nicholas’s interest in mid-century, modernist style and
geometric abstraction combines beautifully with vivid colours and wood veneers to create truly
unique pieces of furniture and light fittings.

The studio is based in Newhaven harbour, East Sussex.

Melver Design has been an ACID member since 2017

12. Deakin & Francis, James Deakin

Deakin and Francis’ website

Criminal provisions for intentional Registered design infringement but also for individual
directors – “As soon as there are test cases and the industry can see the impact of copying,
this will certainly become more of a deterrent.”
Three recommendations to Government – “Easy reporting of design theft, register of design
infringes, Promote legal cases.”

Since 1786, Deakin & Francis have been mastering the art of luxury unique cufflinks, bespoke
jewellery and fine accessories. With hundreds of years of experience under their belt, they
take pride in their heritage and continue to curate exquisite collections for their customers.
Historically, Deakin & Francis’ brand has been renowned for its product designs, distinguished
craftsmanship and excellent service. They have adapted to their clientele’s demand and
emerging trends, ensuring the quality and design of their accessories always impresses.

Deakin and Francis have been ACID members since 2013

13. Lorna Bateman Embroidery, Lorna Bateman

Lorna’s website

“I would love to see IP laws firmly enshrined within the constitution, with infringement
punishable by law, and clear policies set up for designers to be aware of and be able to use if
needs be. Small business practice has been actively encouraged by the government and as
a small business on whose income I totally depend, I would like to be confident of backup in
this area without having to incur huge costs with IP infringement.”

Lorna Bateman is an accomplished embroidery designer who is well known for her delightful
floral work. She loves all forms of 3-dimensional, raised and textured embroidery and tries to
encompass as many of these in her designs as possible. Originally from South Africa, Lorna
has lived in the UK for almost 20 years where she works full time as teacher and designer.
She has recently published her first book Embroidered Country Gardens.

Lorna Bateman has been an ACID member since 2015.

14. Ammique Ltd, Marlene Greenhalgh

Ammique’s website

Criminal provisions for intentional Registered design infringement but also for individual
directors – “IP deterrents and a more rigorous system of enforcement are paramount to the
creative industries.”
Three recommendations to Government – “Much tougher penalties for design infringement;
cracking down on online marketplaces who appear to pay lip service to IP infringement on
their platforms; easier access to a much more simplified Court system and making the
infringement of an unregistered design a crime. These key changes would proactively support
what is one of the UK’s most significant assets, its design, manufacturing and interiors

The Ammique brand is a revolutionary sleep brand offering a range of headboards, hand
crafted furniture, decorative bedding and white bedding such as duvets and pillows, pure white
100% Egyptian cotton tailored Coversofts, sheets, duvet and pillow covers; all of which are
available to buy online and can be seen in London.
But the story does not end there. Beyond the mix of colour, texture, headboards, panelling,
fabrics and furnishings, Ammique offer sleep enhancing fragrances as well as a bespoke
service including the design and installation of temperature controlled, lighting and audiovisual systems to create your perfect Ammique sleepscape™ sanctuary.

Ammique have been ACID members since 2019.

15. MeanMagenta, Paola De Giovanni-Pastore

Mean Magenta website

“My message is that the creative industries in the UK are a very valuable financial asset also
for the national economy. British culture is also represented by the designers, makers and
artists, they give prestige and generate employment, commissions, sales, exhibitions and
international exchanges. Creative businesses deserve to be protected against all forms of
intellectual property theft, which I consider like the theft of somebody’s personal identity, along
with the unlawful appropriation of the actual work that goes into the creation of a collection,
design range or piece of art.”

Paola De Giovanni’s photographic work focuses on the strengths of simple things often
overlooked in today’s fast-paced society. She uses her camera to document and preserve
dramatic light, timeless beauty and fleeting moments of perfection, both in an urban
environment and in nature.
Paola specialises in architectural details, flower photography with a twist and environmental
portraiture. Paola’s photographs often inspire her collections of printed textiles for interiors and
home accessories.

Meanmagenta Photography has been a member of ACID since 2019.

16. Tigerlily Makes, Lisa Olson

Tigerlily Makes website

“Design theft is costing the industry too much and not just in monetary value but in terms of
time, emotional stress and devaluation of a person’s expertise. It can also hold you back from
progressing in your field or industry for fear, someone will take your design, tweak and mass
produce it. The cost is so much more than financial cost, and something must be done to
address it and educate people that stealing someone’s design is theft on many levels. It is
not ok and when it happens to a small one-person business like me, the impact is
devastating. Big companies have the manpower and budget to employ people to design for
them, they have a responsibility to make sure those designs are genuine and don’t belong to
someone else the government should be making provision to eradicate this.”

Lisa Marie Olson is a visual storyteller who uses soft textiles such as felt, fabric and threads
to create interesting and fun narratives. Over the past 35+ years Lisa has continued to develop
skills in all areas of creativity, from creating decorative items for the home, up-cycling, paper
crafting and felt-making. Many of Lisa’s designs are created and inspired by an enormous love
of classic fairy tales and stories such as Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, The
Hobbit, The Grimm Brothers and Dickens. It is the characters and adventures within the pages
that jumped out and sparked Lisa’s interest from a very early age. It is those very characters
that have inspired her unique Lily the Lamb, Alice by Lily, felt wonderland and felt fairyland
ranges and the adventures that follow them.

Tigerlily Makes has been an ACID member since 2013.

17. Architectural Heritage Ltd, Alexander Puddy

Architectural Heritage website

Is enough done by government to promote IP respect in corporate social responsibility? “I
would say the government has a lot of catching up to do on several fronts.”
Do you believe that if stronger enforcement for design infringement is extended to unregistered
designs infringement, it will become more of a deterrent, and would you support this? “Yes,
and Yes.”
Do you think there should be exemplary damages for design theft? “I do not like blanket
statements and think each case should be taken on its merits – I would however say that a
high monetary ceiling for damages would allow for more scope to punish the worst offenders.”

Architectural Heritage specialise in Antique and Classic Modern Garden Ornament, fountains
and planters, Modern British Sculpture and Architectural Interiors including paneling,
staircases and chimney pieces.

Architectural Heritage have been ACID members since 2013.

18. Stylists Own, Elaine Green

Stylist’s Own website

“Making design law both easier to understand and use would be one of the most pressing
issues for reform. More support and protection for smaller design businesses and individual
designers is needed to reflect the value of their contribution to the UK economy – existing
systems need to be more cost and time effective.”

As a designer maker trained in metalsmithing Elaine has spent her working life creating
anything from sculptural garden features to doorhandles, props for fashion shoots and
bespoke home furnishings for a diverse clientele. Elaine has been lucky enough to experiment
and play whilst gaining knowledge and experience along the way. She loves to work with
individuals creating bespoke sculptural pieces that serve a purpose and answer a brief,
especially if the need is for something extraordinary and unique.

Stylist’s Own has been an ACID member since 2016.

19. Phat Design, Christian Cowper & Claudia Surrage

Phat Design website

Do you have any messages for Government/Policy Makers on IP issues? “Increased
accessibility in terms of education/information. I want to feel confident I have done all I can do
to protect my work before something bad happens.”

PHAT is a British design studio representing the collaborative work and professional
partnership of Claudia Surrage and Christian Cowper.
Operating in an array of creative fields, Christian and Claudia’s experience spans from
furniture, lighting, and product design, to ceramics, jewellery, and sculpture. Projects are
undertaken both in collaboration with established companies, as well as personally designed
and produced work.
Christian and Claudia combine youthful simplicity with elegant sophistication – playfully
treading a path between art and design.

Phat Design have been ACID members since 2018.

20. Rachel Simpson Ltd., Rachel Simpson

Rachel Simpson website

Do you believe that if criminal provisions are extended to unregistered designs infringement,
it will become more of a deterrent? “I don’t think it should matter if a design is or isn’t registered
– if you’re intentionally copying someone else’s design you’re infringing their copyright
regardless. For independent brands it can be unachievably costly and to register every single
design, and as it’s often the larger companies doing the copying, it seems unfair that
unregistered designs aren’t equally protected.”
Three recommendations to Government? “Firstly, now it very sadly looks as though the UK
will be leaving the EU, I think it’s important the government give us some guidance and clarity
on how we protect our unregistered designs within EU27. I think it’s vital they move quickly to
allow unregistered designs to be heard in the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court Small
Claims Track Court. Lastly, I do believe that infringement of an unregistered design should be
made a crime, as this will formally recognise the value of design to the UK and create a true
deterrent to would-be copycat companies.”

Rachel Simpson Ltd is based in Birmingham, UK where they have their own dedicated
warehouse, office, and customer showroom. Their small family like team are committed to
giving all their customers a memorable experience through their friendly and personal
approach. Known for their intricate design, there can be as many as fifty or more individual
pieces which go into each pair of Rachel Simpson shoes. Whilst some are cut using specially
made knives, many are still cut by hand.

Rachel Simpson has been an ACID member since 2017.

21. Hannah Louise Lamb, Hannah Lamb

Hannah’s website

“As design in the UK contributes so significantly to the UK’s economy, I would like to see
greater acknowledgement of the importance of design rights. Now, more than ever post-Brexit,
our UK designers need to be celebrated and their work protected.”

Hannah Louise Lamb creates beautiful, bespoke hand-crafted jewellery inspired by coastlines,
landscapes, and city skylines around the world. From intricate hand-piercing to painstaking
cut-outs, Hannah consistently captures unique and personal stories with the highest level of
craftsmanship and experience.
She currently sells her work through galleries and shops across the UK and the USA,
designing heirloom-worthy to be passed on for generations to come.

Hannah Louise Lamb has been an ACID member since 2013.

22. Scabetti
Dominic and Frances Bromley

Scabetti website

“It would be great if legislation was in place to force high street and internet retailers to take
greater responsibility for not purchasing copies.”

Scabetti is the British studio established by Dominic and Frances Bromley in 1999. Known
initially for their range of interior ceramics, they have built up an international reputation for the
creation of sculptural lighting and installation work. The Scabetti portfolio includes
commissions in corporate headquarters, hotels, private residences, restaurants, and cruise

Scabetti have been ACID members since 2013.

23. Kit Heath, Kit Heath & Katie Nickell

Kit Heath website

Do you believe that if criminal provisions are extended to unregistered designs infringements,
it will become more of a deterrent? “Positively, yes. ACID have helped us to hold people to
account and to deter others we need to ‘name and shame’ and publicise your successes.”
Do you have any recommendations to Government to stem the tide of blatant design theft to
support the jewellery and broader design sector? “More substantial penalties/ fines and
criminal sanctions could help with compliance.”

In 1984 brother and sister co-founders Kit Heath and Katie Nickell began their design
partnership, taking inspiration from the beauty of their North Devon home and timeless British
style. A young Kit had melted down the family candlesticks to create sterling silver jewellery
that he sold to friends and family. His passion for jewellery ignited, Kit went on to sell into gift
and jewellery shops from his VW camper van and Katie collaborated and led the creative side.
Today Kit Heath is an award-winning brand, internationally desired and synonymous with an
understated confident aesthetic, renowned for distinctive, classic yet contemporary designs.
Kit Heath Limited is a trusted and respected British family company designing beautiful silver
jewellery, designing jewellery is their passion and at the heart of all that they do.

Kit Heath have been ACID members since 2013.

24. Maid in China Ltd., Emma Royston

Made in China website

“I have seen previous companies where I worked, deal with rip-off products alone – unless
willing to undergo expensive legal proceedings. It feels as though the law is extremely complex
around this area and all the risk is with the designer/manufacturer. Giving the designer more
power and straight forward information to deal with copies, but also a more stable way to deter
imitations in the first place, would be hugely beneficial.”

From the logo to the products, Maid in China has been inspired by wordplay, unusual ideas,
and clever design.
Established by UK designer Emma Royston, it develops high quality products that are always

Maid in China have been ACID members since 2018.

25. Axminster Tools & Machinery, Alan Styles

Axminster website

ACID is campaigning for stronger enforcement for design infringement. Since the 2014 IP Act
introducing criminal provisions for intentional registered design infringement but also for
individual directors, do you believe that if this is extended to unregistered designs
infringement, it will become more of a deterrent, and would you support this? “I think it would
potentially become more of a deterrent but that it would be harder to police. There would also
need to be far greater awareness from individuals as to what design infringement constitutes
and what the provisions are for dealing with it. Whilst I think it may help, people still break the
law about registered designs, so implementing this further for unregistered designs may
continue to be ignored by those who choose too. In terms of supporting it, I genuinely
believe that for anything to be effective, we need to ensure that all business owners and
individuals are fully aware of what intellectual property is and the rules, regulations, and rights
around it. If individuals are educated well then anyone then knowingly breaking those
regulations should clearly face penalties for doing so.”

Located in the South West of England and predominantly distributing across the UK, Eire and
mainland Europe, Axminster Tools & Machinery has established itself as a market leader in
the mail order tools and machinery industry offering a friendly and personal service to many
thousands of customers ranging from trade professionals and businesses to amateur DIY and
hobby enthusiasts.

Axminster sources products from all over the world as well as supporting several specialist
UK companies. With over 17,000 products lines, a multitude of brands and ranges are brought
together on the website and in the stores. Axminster has long been recognised as holding the
most extensive range of tools, machinery, accessories, and consumables in the UK.
Axminster Tools & Machinery have been ACID members since 2018.

26. Sandra Vick Ltd., Sandra Vick

Sandra Vick website

“Protecting the small makers and designers in the UK is really important. They are the
innovators and big companies should collaborate with them not steal from them. It would be
great to see the government encourage big companies to work with smaller makers more and
to licence designs and ensure that creative people are recognised and valued more.”

Sandra Vick creates artist designed gifts and homeware from Scotland. Based just south of
Edinburgh, Scotland, Sandra is inspired by both the woodlands and hills of the Pentlands
Regional Park and the coastline of East Lothian. She works in her studio painting original
artworks that are the inspiration behind all the designs in her shop. She is passionate about
the natural environment and ensures that all products are made in the UK and packaged
responsibly using recycled and recyclable materials.

Sandra Vick Ltd has been an ACID member since 2019.

27. Gresham Office Furniture, John Carney

Gresham Office Furniture website

Is enough done by government to promote IP respect within corporate social responsibility?
“We don’t think so. It should be mandatory for those who look to design products to sign up
to a membership that has the ethics and rules to design principles. This would make a fairer
playing field for everyone.”
Do you believe that if criminal provisions are extended to unregistered designs infringement,
it will become more of a deterrent, and would you support this? “The bigger the deterrent, the
more chance people will comply. It is through having more support behind these ideas to
discourage infringements, that we all stand more chance of protecting our designs.”

Gresham Office Furniture have been designing work spaces and furniture since 1976.
Gresham stays ahead of trends and fashion and designs, develops, and produces furniture
that will enhance tomorrow’s working practices as well as today’s. Gresham’s design
department features some of the finest designers working in workspace furniture. Their flair
and dedication to the craft is supported by teams handling product and non-standard product
design, prototyping and engineering. Every detail is examined, considered, tested, and
evaluated, from the smallest screws to seat materials and colour schemes. Gresham was
awarded “Best Newcomer” in the International Trade Awards.

Gresham Office Furniture have been ACID members since 2020.

28. Talking Tables, Mark McCormack

Talking Tables website

“Listen carefully to UK designers and lobby groups such as ACID. There are plenty of large
operators out there who are quick to rip-off small companies with little fear of recourse.”

Bringing the Millennium in with a bang, Talking Tables was launched in 1999 with an aim to
provide fun and stylish products for every celebration. With 19 years of experience in making
memories and getting the table talking, the company has gone global with offices in London,
New York, and Shanghai, all committed to bringing friends and family together to share a

Talking Tables have been ACID members since 2013.

29. Charlie Caffyn Ltd., Charlie Caffyn

Charlie’s website

“IP is everything, and with our departure from the EU, we must be guaranteed protection in
Europe and across the world, as businesses like mine are selling globally, representing the
UK, and expanding the export business. Innovation and its protection will drive growth.”

Charlie Caffyn designs and makes modern, elegant, solid-wood furniture with architectural
influences. Standing up for the traditional craftsmanship values of handcrafted, timeless
furniture that lasts generations not seasons, Charlie Caffyn makes each item of furniture by
hand from their original designs, and customers can even request changes to make the piece
uniquely their own.

Charlie Caffyn has been an ACID member since 2019.


You can read ACID’s response to the IPO’s Enforcement Framework in full here.