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ACID Celebrated British IP Day with THREE amazing FIRSTS!

On 6 July ACID and many others were present at Westminster to celebrate British IP Day by showcasing many innovative businesses, creators, and sectors across every region of the UK, whose creativity is underpinned by Intellectual Property (IP).

A FIRST! Our ACID Chief Counsel and IP Director, Nick Kounoupias became an Alliance UK IP Champion, and we were all at Westminster to see the Rt Hon John Whittingdale, MP., OBE., present this much-deserved award for someone who has not only supported design and IP issues but has an amazing record in many other sectors of IP. Nick was a prime mover in getting the penalties for copyright theft increased from 2 – 10 years. Nick, together, with Dids Macdonald, achieved a change in the law for the intentional infringement of registered design right to be made a crime, enshrined in the 2014 IP Act. All at ACID salute Nick’s incredible contribution to IP law reform across the board and we are particularly grateful for his sage advice and pro-bono support.

A FIRST! The launch of our ground-breaking ACID IP Charter; a Code of Conduct and a statement of intent that sets out its Signatories’ promise to uphold ethics, respect, and compliance as a minimum to designers of original works, further driving our collective efforts to combat the growing threat of copying in design. We were delighted that our IP Minister (although he has subsequently resigned) was happy to support the principles.

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A FIRST! Day One of our sparkling new website, designed from a culmination of years of listening to our members’ feedback, our innovative new website offers an entirely fresh look & feel, simplified navigation, and all-new ACID Member Hub to provide quick access to our exclusive membership benefits, enhanced IP Databank functionality, and so much more.

Dan Guthrie, DG of the Alliance for Intellectual Property said, “Across the UK there are IP rich businesses and creators contributing to their local economy. These individuals and businesses are creating designs, brands, and content that the British public love. Today is an opportunity to showcase their importance to the political community and why nurturing them and protecting their IP is vital to economic growth and our cultural life.”

We received resounding support from Tim Moss, CBE., CEO of the Intellectual Property Office, Cat Drew Chief Design Officer, ACID Sebastian Conran, CEO Conran, and Gilane Tadros, CEO of Design Artists & Copyright Society and many others. Our aim to get tens of thousands to sign and support lone, micro and SME. When we have a critical mass, we will be publishing those who have declined to sign the ACID IP Charter.

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