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ACID Approves of a Pro Bono Opportunity for Trademarks & Designs Support

Are you interested in learning more about trademarks or protecting the appearance of your product from being copied?

Join us for one-hour on October 26, 2022 at 11:00 am EDT (5:00 pm CEST) for a one-on-one online consultation where pre-qualified applicants* from anywhere in the world can meet with volunteer trademark and design attorneys who will be available to answer legal questions, explain the registration process, and also provide useful tips for protection of trademarks or product appearance.

Relevant topics may include:

  • How do I search and register my trademark?
  • How long does the registration process take?
  • I already filed a trademark application and it was refused. Now what?
  • How do I renew my trademark registration?
  • What kind of protection can I receive for my product appearance?
  • What kind of appearance qualifies for design protection?
  • How do I register my product appearance and how long does the process take?
  • For how long will my product appearance remain protected? What happens after that?


Download the PDF Flyer HERE

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