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ACID Announces Survey Competition Winners

Launching today on British Intellectual Property Day, ACID presents results from a recent survey which was created in the form of a competition to gauge the understanding of designers about the disparity between copyright, design rights and IP in general.  The survey has provided us with valuable information that we can use in our continuing campaign to seek better design laws, better enforcement and press for parity between copyright and design right creators.  For example – why should a songwriter, author or artist have stronger intellectual property rights than a furniture or lighting designer?

Copyright creators benefit from protection for life plus 70 years, designers considerably less. Currently, designers who rely on unregistered design rights do not benefit from criminal sanctions against the worst offenders, whereas copyright creators do. Now that we have emerged post-Brexit, UK designers, too, are at a real disadvantage with the loss of automatic protection in EU27 leaving them more vulnerable to IP theft. ACID was pleased to receive a raft of responses to the survey questions which can be reviewed here:!AlSilpqvxROOhVMboxQgSpQUPWJ- and we are pleased to congratulate the following survey contributors on their prize wins.

Joint Winner – Claire Elsworth, Claire Elsworth Design

Claire Elsworth Design is a sustainable luxury homewares brand for interior enthusiasts who love maximalist patterns. Wallpapers, cushions, art prints and tea towels are all sustainably made in the UK by UK manufacturers and feature Claire Elsworth’s stunning hand drawn designs. Claire’s designs are inspired by her concept stories about an imaginary Duchess called “Violacea Macrobothrys” and the romance and intrigue of a beautiful old house.

Claire will be exhibiting the full range at ‘Design Central Northwest’ on the 28 -29th September 2021, where she will also be launching her first fabric collection and new homeware products.

On being awarded joint first prize Claire said,  “ I am always happy to support Acid’s excellent work promoting design protection awareness.”

Joint Winner – Zoe Hewett, Stylemongers Of Bristol

Interior designer Zoe Hewett  founded Stylemongers Of Bristol,  an award winning design studio specialising in helping people turn houses into homes through a range of design services, workshops and interior design kits.  Zoe has 20 years of design experience across theatre and film sets, costume and interiors, and is also a designer on BBC2 programme “My Unique B&B”.  An aspiring ethical and sustainable business, Stylemongers Of Bristol donates regularly to homelessness charity Crisis UK through Work For Good, and plants trees every month through the Ecologi re/forestation programme.

Zoe responded to her win saying, “As a service provider that had recently designed and launched my first product I took the survey because I was interested to see how much I knew about IP. As a creative, legal admin is definitely not my forte, but I’m glad to have been paying attention, especially in light of Brexit.”

Joint Runner-Up – Rakha Madahar, desgn.prnt

Rakha Madahar is a Midlands-based Surface Pattern Designer and has recently been working with ACID member Rachael Taylor on her Make it in Design Course called ‘Make it Happen’.  Rakha decided to launch a set of 6 Art print postcards, as a direct result of a response she got from a friend, who explained that the postcard she had sent to her was a constant reminder that she had friends that cared and looked out for her during a difficult time that she had been going through. Rakha hadn’t realised that a simple gesture could bring someone so much joy. The postcards are printed on eco-friendly, seeded paper and you can choose to frame them or plant the cards and watch them grow into a wildflower garden! Either way you will have been given a reminder that someone cares and is keeping in touch.

Rakha responded,The reason I took the survey was because I wanted to find out how knowledgeable I was with regards to Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property is so important to me because what I create is unique and represents me as a creative person.  It  would be unfair for any individual to copy or use my work without my consent and profit from it.”

Joint Runner-Up – Lizzy Doe, Illustration & Design by Lizzy Doe

Freelance Illustrator and Designer Lizzy Doe is based in Cambridgeshire but works for clients internationally.  Lizzy’s work includes CD and book artwork, design of promotional materials for artists, musicians, events and branding projects for small creative businesses.

Having a musical background (Lizzy played the violin for 30 years and has a degree in humanities/folk music at the Irish World Academy of Music & Dance in Limerick, Ireland), she has been commissioned to create a lot of album artwork for CDs and vinyl.  Lizzy has been specialising in this since around 2009 and enjoys the process of making visuals in response to sound and lyrics.  Lizzy is also a keen photographer and particularly enjoys portraiture and travel photography.

Lizzy had this to say,As a self-employed artist and designer, to be honest the world of copyright and contracts can be really intimidating to navigate. I have unfortunately had several instances of people copying my work or trying to breach contracts within the last few years and after speaking to a couple of friends who are also creatives, I realised how important it is – especially for those of us running really small businesses – to empower ourselves with knowledge about design protection. It is really reassuring to know that organisations like ACID are out there with information!”

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