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ACID and The British Millinery Association CIC unite as Industry Partners to promote IP awareness and combat copying

Underpinning the design and making of those who create hats is a passion for originality and creativity, a proud heritage and a craft that combines skills and knowledge. From couture to ready to wear, milliners generate intellectual property in different forms including design rights, copyright, trademarks and less so, patents.

BMA CIC members are known for their originality but sadly, copying and infringement of these rights of businesses based both in the UK and globally is still an ongoing challenge, and one that many in the sector struggle to address effectively and affordably.

The BMA CIC and ACID have been in dialogue for some months now with a joint desire to work collaboratively to promote IP awareness and have formalised this by entering a new Partner arrangement to support BMA CIC members in protecting their rights in this area through education and access to ACID support and resources.

BMA CIC Ambassador Chair Jane Fryers said, “One of our aims at the BMA CIC is to encourage inspiration not imitation, and I think our partnership with ACID will help to make people realise that copying is not acceptable in the world of millinery.”

Dids Macdonald, OBE., CEO of ACID said,Through our initial discussions we agree on so many aspects about the importance of IP protection for original hat designs so raising awareness about respect for intellectual property issues will, in the fullness of time, resonate with all those who care about ethics.

Now that we have formalised our relationship by becoming Partners, the ACID team and I are delighted to be collaborating much more closely with Jane Fryers, other Ambassadors, and all at the BMA CIC. The many benefits of our new Partner status will be the catalyst for education and awareness, prevention, deterrence against copying and support. The first bespoke IP Basics event will be developed during the next few months and start with a first session in February 2023.”

About ACID

ACID is the UK’s leading design and intellectual property campaigning organisation. For more information about ACID please see or contact Marion Horwood at [email protected] 

On British IP Day 2022, ACID launched an ACID IP Charter encouraging those who endorse IP ethics, respect, and compliance to sign and display a prominent logo. As momentum gathers this will also be a fund to help lone, micro and SMEs fund litigation should they not have the resources to do so. Link to the new IP Charter here.

About The British Millinery Association CIC

The British Millinery Association CIC launched in May 2020 to create an inclusive community of shared education, celebration and inspiration for anyone who is passionate about hats throughout Great Britain and beyond. The association strives to promote training and development of new skills, simultaneously preserving the heritage of millinery while looking towards an innovative future. 

Membership in the BMA CIC is available to all and includes benefits that empower members to gain professional knowledge, industry contacts and develop their unique creative voice.  For more information about the association, visit or contact [email protected]

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