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DACS launches NFTs events series, Tokenomics: A New Economy of Art in January 2022

Blockchain is changing how art is made, sold and financed, where it circulates and who its custodians are. But can it really increase the creative and economic agency of artists?

DACS and Lucy Rose Sollitt present four events discussing the impact of blockchain on how art is created, sold and financed, how blockchain is opening up a rapidly-evolving creative landscape and how creators and those working across the art market can navigate the opportunities and complexities that lie ahead.

About the series

The explosion in popularity of NFTs over the past year marks a moment of radical transformation within the art market.

For better or worse, blockchain technology is ushering in new imaginaries and is rapidly evolving alternative sales, funding and ownership mechanisms which could rewrite the rules of the traditional art world.

Curated by Lucy Rose Sollitt, Tokenomics: A New Economy of Art, brings together pioneering artists and technologists, to discuss the concerns and to highlight and support thoughtful approaches which use the full potential of the technology to imagine fairer ecosystems of art making.

The series will address the defining questions of this new era with the aim of helping artists and those working across the art market to navigate the opportunities and complexities that lie ahead.

Speakers will include: Tega Brain, Primavera de Filippi, Simon Denny, Sarah Friend, Don Hanson, Keiken, Arif Khan, Kevin McCoy, Kyle Mcdonald, Rhea Myers, New Art City, Lucy Rose Sollitt, Michail Stangl, Ameer Suhayb Carter, Sammie Veeler, Xiaowei Wang, Mark Waugh

About the events

Wednesday 12 January 2022, 6pm

How can we move towards a creator-centric blockchain economy?

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Wednesday 19 January 2022, 6pm
How can creators, peers and fans collaborate to own and manage the value they create?
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Wednesday 26 January 2022, 6pm
What could creative and economic agency look like in the metaverse?
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Wednesday 2 February 2022
How can technologies like blockchain work with, rather than against, the planet?
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Spring Fair 2022 – NEC Birmingham – 6th-9th February 

ACID will be attending Spring Fair 2022 – the UK’s most vibrant marketplace for wholesale home, gift and fashion. As the definitive “shop for shops”, Spring Fair supports the retail industry like no other. This live event is held at the NEC Birmingham in February across four days, designed around four key buying destinations – Home, Gift, Moda Fashion and Design & Source.

Spring Fair is where best sellers are found, relationships are forged and curiosity is piqued. Imagine a treasure trove of new ideas and new trends just waiting to be discovered and displayed in your shop or showroom. If you want to touch, feel and experience what’s new and innovative across the home, gift and fashion retail industry – Spring Fair is the marketplace for you.

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Dids Macdonald, OBE., CEO of ACID will introduce ACID Legal Affiliates and IP Specialists  to answer YOUR questions on intellectual property in the first of a new series of down to earth IP Clinics; join our IP health team for a fascinating insight into everyday aspects of intellectual property that can have a positive impact on your business.

A little knowledge can go a long way and dispelling some of the myths surrounding intellectual property is relatively easy. Do you have burning questions you would like to pose to our panel of experts Gavin Llewellyn aka @The_DesignLawyer and Niall Head Rapson aka @IP_Doctor?

For example, who thinks if you change a design by a certain percentage or number of points it becomes a new design? Who is mistaken to think that if you register your company at Companies House it protects your name? What images can you use and not use? If you are employed, who owns your work? Do you have moral rights in your work? How do you take down infringing designs from social media platforms and online marketplaces? What’s the difference between a patent and a design? These and other myths will be answered. All registrants will receive a free fact sheet post even.

Send your IP questions to info@acid.uk.com when you have registered and then join us at 11 am on 24th February for a lively and interactive IP Clinic to learn more….

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January Furniture Show 2022 – NEC Birmingham – Postponed 

Following the significant increase of Omicron Covid-19 Variant cases across the UK, the decision has been made to postpone January Furniture Show. The event will now take place 24-27 April 2022. Read the full press release here.

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