The ACID community, new video – find out why thousands belong!

ACID was originally started to help David fight Goliath. By speaking with one united voice under the Anti Copying in Design brand of deterrence, our message resonates. For over 20 years, ACID has been YOUR voice against design theft – campaigning, supporting, helping to deter but most of all championing the amazing talent in UK design. Naming and shaming to shout about our track record of literally thousands of settlements has put the D in deterrence. Thousands of people proudly use the ACID logo, the brand of deterrence on their websites, product labelling, indeed anywhere that communicates a strong anti-copying message. Watch the new two minute video here.

But there is a lot more to being part of the ACID community. Yes, we shout about the unfairness of copying, but we’re also passionate about all YOUR successes. We want to champion, celebrate and support your growth!

Did you know you can upload your designs to ACID Marketplace – another exciting and free platform from which to market your products or launch new ranges?  And there’s now a new member to member discount offer, so check out with the ACID office how you can become involved. A simple phone call away gives you the opportunity to offer discounts to fellow ACID members.

Why not tell us your story for our Member Focus – with our proactive social media, tens of thousands are within your reach and for our corporate members we can liaise with your marketing team to create a Member Profile which underpins your IP Policy.

Or maybe you would like your design to be considered for our website banner – viewed by thousands every month – and its free! And don’t forget to follow us on social media and ensure we are following you – tell us about your triumphs so we can share with the rest of the world!

If you have been unlucky enough to be copied, a simple email with your original and alleged copy can be reviewed and uploaded to our Spot the Difference website page.

Please! Keep responding to our campaigning surveys. Writing to your MP’s raises ACID’s voice on Parliament radar & also educates your MP about how crucial IP is to your business survival. So, seize the moment, take a quick trip around all the positive benefits of our ACID Community now and become involved! Your membership reinforces ACID as a united and strong voice against IP theft but it’s also, about how design, innovation and creativity MUST be the outright winner!