Snapdragon IP

In order to provide ACID Members with access to online brand enforcement we have partnered with SnapDragon IP to provide an affordable, effective and quick system to remove links to products which infringe your intellectual property (IP) from online marketplaces at a specially negotiated member discount.

Removal of links is only possible if you can prove your ownership of the intellectual property that is being infringed. This may include using your registered trade marks, registered design rights or, in some cases, your unregistered copyright.

Cost to members? If you find listings which infringe your products on the online platforms, such as Amazon, eBay or Alibaba you can report the links directly to the platform for removal.  If you need help – SnapDragon is here to provide a rapid response, heavily discounted service for members of ACID. SnapDragon works closely with all the online platforms and often has links removed in hours (with the appropriate supporting IP) and costs start from as little as £90/link for a one off – and from £250 for use of SnapDragon’s Swoop platform for monthly monitoring on ten platforms. The team at SnapDragon undertakes to begin the process of reporting these links within 24 hours of your commissioning them to do so, so you can be assured of swift action.

Learn more about Swoop here: https://www.snapdragon-ip.com/swoop/

Please feel free to call 0131 466 9249 or email the.lair@snapdragon-ip.com for any additional information or help you might need.

There is also an optional subscription choice for ongoing support too at discounted rates. Monitoring of the internet for infringing items would be part of this package, together with take downs performed by SnapDragon.

What to do next if you want SnapDragon to help in the removal of links:

  1. Create an email containing all the links
  2. Explain within the email what the issue is and which product(s) are being infringed

You will need to attach the following:

  1. Proof of the registered IP which is being infringed.  This could be your registered trade mark certificate or registered design certificate – or in the case of copyright a URL link back to the original image on your website (whether a current or historic page)
  2. Sadly, unregistered design rights cannot be used to support claims at this time.
  3. Proof of your trading status/identity.  For Limited Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships, this is your Certificate of Incorporation.  For Sole Traders and Partnerships, this needs to be a digital copy of your passport
  4. A completed version of the downloadable Authorisation Request which will enable SnapDragon to do this work on your behalf.  Download the file here and reproduce the wording on your letterhead.

When you have attached all the documentation send the email to;


If you would like to talk to the team prior to sending your evidence and documents or to make them aware of anything specific please call 0131 466 9249.

If you would like to link directly to SnapDragon now click here

Ros Lynch, IP Enforcement Director at the UK Intellectual Property Office:

Online infringement can be extremely damaging, especially for small businesses. Too often they cannot commit resources towards enforcing their IP rights. Innovative SMEs are the lifeblood of the UK economy. Everything possible should be done to protect valuable IP and to create an environment where creativity and hard work is rewarded, not stolen. Services such as this should be warmly welcomed as part of the fight against IP crime.


DCI Peter Ratcliffe, Head of the City of London Police’s Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU):

PIPCU is happy to support ACID in this new endeavour. It is vitally important that Small and Medium Enterprises intellectual property rights are protected so they are given the opportunity to grow and flourish. ACIDS Brand Enforcement Services (ABES) provides an effective tool for small business in the fight against IP crime.

Testimonials from ACID Members:

Po Shun Leong, Designer:

Through ACID and SnapDragon Monitoring, this has led to the removal of misleading information from a Chinese furniture company on the Alibaba website. The furniture company not only advertised for sale our original furniture designs but also included my name as the designer on the website. These original designs had already been registered in the UK, Europe and China for several years. The situation was resolved in 19 days.

Terry Dady, MD, Microslat:

On the advice of ACID we turned to their brand enforcement service through SnapDragon when we found that a shop on Alibaba was copying our website, selling our products and using our image and product descriptions to do so. The SnapDragon team diligently and pro-actively dealt with the issue. They set up our account on Aliprotect, which is Alibaba’s reporting system, and uploaded all of the necessary documents on our behalf. They even found a solution to the fact that we no longer had access to the website that was being ripped off. The links to the infringing shop were promptly removed. With the AliProtect account set-up, we can easily report any future infringing links. We have been extremely impressed with SnapDragon’s service and would whole-heartedly recommend them to any company experiencing issues with intellectual property rights.

View the presentation below for more information