Terms & Conditions

A©ID is the trading name of Anti Copying In Design (A©ID) Limited, an English registered company which has the company number No. 3402512 and Registered Head Office Unit 14, Staunton Court Business Park, Ledbury Road, Staunton, GL19 3QS. A©ID is a membership organisation, committed to raising awareness and encouraging respect for intellectual property within corporate social responsibility. By joining A©ID you are joining an organisation which is committed to its objectives to the benefit of its members.

Prior to joining A©ID all applicants must ensure that they read and understand the following Terms & Conditions. Please ensure that you also download, read and understand the Code of Conducts and Joining Criteria which are available at the bottom of this page.


By being a member of A©ID we will grant you a licence to use the ACID name and logo in the course of your business. The A©ID name and logo are registered trade marks and your licence is a non-exclusivelicence granted so that you can fulfill the obligations in these terms and conditions. This may be utilized on your headed notepaper, web site and other marketing and publicity material. As part of that arrangement we license you to represent that you are an A©ID member and encourage you to promote this as we believe that this is a powerful symbol of deterrence in anti-copying and IP theft related strategy.

We will provide you with the necessary image files in order that you may incorporate this into your business strategy.

We will also give you access to the A©ID Design Databank as part of your membership. This facility is to encourage you as a member to deposit with A©ID details of your designs in order that this may serve as a robust acknowledgment of your creation of your designs and can be used to assist in verification of creativity if you ever need such assistance.

A©ID also provides a legal hotline, which deals with member queries.



As a member of A©ID we expect from you and you agree to the following:

  1. to have the utmost respect for Intellectual Property and adhere to a strict anti-copying policy within your organisation
  2. to promote A©ID and its aims and to support A©ID in its fight against IP theft
  3. to pay your membership fees by the specified date
  4. to adhere to the joining criteria
  5. to promote and maintain ethical standards of conduct and at all times deal fairly and honestly with the public and with the business community
  6. at all times act in a professional manner and shall not engage in practices which would bring the design industry into disrepute
  7. ensure that their designs and products conform with all relevant laws and regulations and that their employees and agents are fully aware of all such laws and regulations
  8. not deliberately or knowingly copy the designs, products, name or trading style of another company or business
  9. Members will not engage in any practice or activity, which unfairly competes with the business or is detrimental to the goodwill or reputation of another company or business
  10. In the event that a dispute arises between two or more A©ID members concerning the origin, ownership or integrity of one or more designs or products, members agree to submit to the A©ID Mediation Scheme (or another similar scheme approved by the A©ID Committee) and to attend at least an initial session of no less than three hours in an attempt to resolve the dispute. This will not prevent A©ID members seeking urgent interim relief in appropriate circumstances. In such cases, A©ID should be notified that such steps are to be taken.



The membership fees are set out in the joining criteria and published on the web site but may vary from time to time.

Membership fees are payable for a calendar year. No part years are offered. What we do offer is payment of those fees over a period of time providing that you sign up to our direct debit scheme. Your liability for the membership fees is for the full year of joining and if you do decide that you no longer wish to be a member, but part of your membership fee remains unpaid, you will still be under the obligation to pay the remainder of any fee outstanding. We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties



A©ID may end your membership at any time if you, in the reasonable opinion of A©ID are in breach of any of these terms and particularly the obligations set out under “what we expect from you” as these are key to our objectives and our aims.

You may leave at any time at the end of your subscription year if you wish by simply letting us know in writing that you no longer wish to be associated with A©ID at least one month prior to your renewal date. This is particularly important for Direct Debit payers and notice should be sent by email to info@acid.uk.com

Whilst we are happy to welcome previous members back to membership please be aware that if you wish to return after 6 months from your last expired date you will be treated as a new member. You will need to pay the joining fee and you will not have access to your previous record of invoices and IP Databank uploads.  You will be assigned a new record with a new Membership ID.



When you leave, the licence you had for the use of the A©ID name and logo is automatically revoked.

You must remove immediately the A©ID name and logo from your publicity material, web site and other mediums that you have used the name and logo. As you are no longer a member you cannot benefit from the association with A©ID and we hope you understand that.

Any hard copy designs stored for you on the ACID Design Databank will need to either be returned to you for a fee or destroyed.  When you receive your confirmation of ceasing letter you have the opportunity to choose the option you want by completing a form and returning this to us.

Any membership fees, which remain unpaid, must be paid within 30 days of leaving A©ID. We hope you understand that we are a not for profit organisation which relies on membership fees in order to promote its aims and objectives for the benefit of members. Whilst we allow members to pay by installments this does not relieve you of the liability to pay the remainder of your subscription fee if you leave part way through a year.  We do not offer refunds of membership fees to any Members who choose to discontinue membership part way through a year.