Membership Fees

Join ACID and become part of a powerful community committed to fighting design theft.

Joining could not be easier using our online system. Join instantly by clicking on this link to the online application form. We are happy to accept payments through our Paypal portal where you can also make credit and debit card payments.

To pay by cheque or bank transfer fill in the online application form and choose the payment option you want to use.  Ensure that you have read our terms and conditions.

Annual ACID Membership Fees

Annual £ Turnover Annual Fee One-off Joining Fee VAT @ 20% Total 1st year Monthly Direct Debit
Under 50K £145 £35 £36 £216 £14.50
50K – 100K £250 £65 £63 £378 £25
100K – 250K £335 £65 £80 £480 £33.50
250K – 500K £410 £125 £107 £642 £41
500K – 2.5M £560 £125 £137 £822 £56
2.5M – 5M £840 £125 £193 £1,158 £84
5M – 10M £1055 £125 £236 £1,416 £105.50
Over 10M £1665 £125 £358 £2,148 £166.50

You can choose to pay by Direct Debit and spread your subscription by filling in the online application form, choosing the Direct Debit option and following the instructions. Please download the mandate here.  There will be an annual administration fee of £10 plus VAT for all Direct Debit payers, whether you are a new member or if you decide to change to this method of payment at renewal time.  This fee helps us to deal with extra costs to us associated with Direct Debit administration.

If you really would prefer to join us by printing off our ACID Application Form below, please email the completed form to info@acid.uk.com or post it to us ACID Ltd., First Floor Graham House, Chequers Close, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1GPPlease download the file below.