What is ACID marketplace?

For ACID members to promote your designs

ACID Marketplace is an optional addition to the ACID Design Databank.  An ONLINE safer trading platform where design buyers can register to view the latest designs created by ACID Members. Marketplace supports also, with a tracking system, developed from IP Tracker!  So you can see, recorded on your personal online profile, who has viewed your designs online.

Why? We wanted to offer ACID members an exciting additional benefit to the Design Databank, by creating a safer online promotional platform – a positive conduit between designers and design buyers where members can exhibit existing and new products and prospective design buyers can view! A bit like your own permanent exhibition zone, but at a fraction of the price of an exhibition stand – and you control who visits the stand! With a separate upload system in your My Designs area you can decide independently which files to store on the Design Databank and which images to display to design buyers on Marketplace.


What does this mean?  Each member receives 10 free upload ‘Exhibition’ spaces where images can be uploaded to each online Exhibition space and displayed for promotion and viewing by Design Buyers.  These uploads are not locked down like the Design Databank system so you can alter descriptions, change images ore even delete the whole submission if you wish to – and reuse it.  There is also no upload charge for using ACID Marketplace, just for the Design Databank. However, we would always advise that new designs are uploaded to the Design Databank first for IP support, as Marketplace uploads will be viewed instantly.


Do you have a lot of products and designs to display?  You can purchase additional Marketplace Exhibition space, in blocks of 10 spaces for an annual subscription, by visiting you’re My Profile page and clicking on the link in the Marketplace subscription box.

View Marketplace

ACID welcomes design buyers to register to view the latest designs created by ACID Members. Once you have agreed to the Design Buyer’s Charter in support of Great British Original Design you are free to browse ACID Marketplace and also to contact designers for more information. Marketplace is a great source of original design, accessible on one online platform.  It is easy to register online here and then you are free to meet new designers and suppliers and forge new business relationships.  Please be aware that your viewings will be tracked and recorded by ACID and displayed on the ACID members profile area.

When you click on a design image in Marketplace you can view further information on the design, additional images and designs by that designer/company and you can also email members directly for more information.  The more relationships and collaborations that are created, the more successful Marketplace becomes, encouraging new products and designs to be displayed.

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