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How to exploit and commercialise your IP through licensing – 11am 12 September 2023.

Want to join an ACID webinar to consider the benefits of licensing your designs to third parties as an alternative to selling them outright? If so, it is important to understand all the distinct types of licensing models so that you fully understand all the terms and conditions to which you will agree.

For example, you may have identified a company which has the marketing and sales capacity through which your product can reach new markets or a manufacturing capability through which you could fast track more production and, therefore, sales? If so, it is time to find out more about licensing and what is involved!

The small print in any agreement counts regarding terms which are fair and to which you both agree to work. A successful licensing relationship should be viewed as a long-term plan from the basis of mutual respect, with the small print tied up legally to protect both parties.

On 12 September at 11.00 am, ACID’s co-founder and CEO Dids Macdonald, OBE., will introduce Kelly Hudson, a design law expert, trade mark attorney and Director of ACID’s legal Affiliate McDaniels Law, to share some of her practical insights into the essentials for a licensing relationship to work.