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Design Law Reform – Messages for Potential Candidates 

  • With the election looming shortly, this is your chance to make existing and prospective parliamentarians aware of your views on design protection. If you share our views, you can use this template to raise awareness of our campaigning on your behalf
  • To be cut and pasted onto your company headed paper (MPs like a contact number and full address). If you don’t know your MP, you can find out here
  • Also, you might like to use the messaging below in any doorstep candidate callers in addition to your own “asks”
  • Please contact Dids Macdonald [email protected] if you would like to discuss any other issues you would like to raise.
  • If you could achieve ONE of the asks below it would be to get all to sign the ACID IP Charter!

Template Email to your MP:


My company (insert name) is in your constituency. I/we design (nature of your work). I/We employ X no of people (or I am a micro business). I/we are a member of the trade body Anti Copying in Design (ACID). Deliberate design infringement threatens my/our livelihood and the future of my business.

Who is Anti Copying in Design (ACID)? ACID is a membership and campaigning body fighting for much needed design law reform. Co-founded by Dids Macdonald OBE, she and the team have created a beacon of hope against the consistent infringement of original design because of blatant copying.

Why does ACID exist? To support our members with IP education & awareness, deterrence and prevention against IP infringement and campaigning for much needed design law reform. Currently design law is complex and impossibly expensive for lone, micro and SMEs to enforce.

What ACID does? Raises awareness about the success of the design economy (£100 billion to the UKs GVA employing 1.97 in design and design skills) and the devastating effects of blatant infringement, often by well-known high street retailers and manufacturers. We are the “go to” organisation to government on design and IP issues/policy. Infringement is a sanitised word for theft.


  • Invite us/me to talk to you.
  • Visit our website;
  • Sign our (free) ACID IP Charter
  • Follow us on social media and if elected to government raise our issues with whomever will be appointed Minister for Intellectual Property. @acid_tweets,
  • Support our campaign to create a funded cost & time effective system for enforcement. Currently it is almost impossible for lone, micro and SME designers to fight infringement because of disproportionately expensive legal fees. Find out more at [email protected]

Thank you and please take my/our concerns seriously!

Best wishes

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