IP Databank

The ACID IP Databank service offers our Members access to a Databank system where Members can lodge documents and images of their 2D or 3D designs if they are relying on unregistered design rights (UDR)/copyright or as an added safeguard for registered designs, underpinned by the strong ACID brand of deterrence.

PLEASE NOTE – Lodging your designs, documents and plans on the ACID IP Databank is NOT the same as registering your design rights at the Intellectual Property Office. Please see the link here. If you are in any doubt or would like further help please call the ACID team on 0845 644 3617 or email info@acid.uk.com

Each year thousands of designs are lodged on ACID’s IP Databank. This does not add to Unregistered Design Rights (UDR) but provides reliable 3rd party independent evidence of date of receipt by ACID i.e., an audit trail. Design files are held on our secure system and remain unseen by anyone unless required as evidence to substantiate design ownership. The majority of settlements on behalf of ACID members have been based on unregistered design rights. Enforcement of unregistered design right infringement is only as good as the evidence you can provide to substantiate ownership. Unregistered Design right only protects the shape or configuration of a 3D product. The IPO explains the differences between registered and unregistered design right further here.

Providing third party evidence to support unregistered design rights through the ACID IP Databank has proved to be an essential part of ACID Members’ IP strategies. From the original hard copy receipt of designs in the early 2000’s through disks, memory sticks and emails, ACID now has an amazing online upload system, accessible through the ACID website, which records and locks every file received with a unique identifying number. The ACID IP Databank also provides an optional, downloadable certificate with unique identifying details of the files that you have uploaded and is time and date stamped. The ACID certificate is endorsed by PIPCU and signed by ACID Chief Counsel Nick Kounoupias.


It is simple for ACID Members to upload files containing their copyright works, designs and products online to the ACID IP Databank. You can upload up to 12 files per submission which can be image files or in PDF format.

A few key points before you begin submitting your files!

  • At just 1.50 plus vat per submission for up to 12 x 2MB size files of information this offers great value for money and you can purchase blocks of 10 upload credits from the ACID Shop
  • Any files uploaded to the IP Databank are kept secured and not visible to any other person
  • Once you have completed your submission you will not be able to alter any information or files. This is because files are locked and you have now established a third party proof of the existence of your design on the date that it was submitted
  • Download a certificate of your file upload endorsed by PIPCU and signed by ACID Chief Counsel Nick Kounoupias to use as dated evidence of your design
  • View the Step by Step Guide in the Members Area