Brand Enforcement UK

BEUK are delighted to be working with ACID and its members to fight fakes. Whereas the skill set of SnapDragon-IP will tackle online infringements, our skill set will tackle offline infringements.

We love enforcing Intellectual Property rights, particularly when it comes to protecting the damage caused to the lifeblood of SME’s. We are in full support of ACID and the fantastic support it provides to its members, and we are offering ACID Members reduced rates on all of our services, including as follows;

Law Enforcement Training & Liaison; Market Surveillance; Raid Action; Test Purchases; Witness Statements

For some initial free advice, you can either email us or call us 0345 BRANDUK on your keypad (or 03452723685) quoting your ACID Membership Number to obtain your 10% discount.

For any official advice, you can find a copy of the Authorisation Request on the ACID site in the Members’ Area.

We promise to act as efficiently and as cost-effectively as is humanly possible and will always strive to obtain the most commercially viable result possible.

Case Studies

“When Uutensil were faced with a design infringement issue, we were unsure what, if anything, we were able to do about it. We instructed BEUK to conduct various covert test purchases of suspect infringing products from Amazon on our behalf. BEUK were able to inspect the goods and confirm them as counterfeit.

Using this evidence, we were then able to have the offending listings removed on our behalf.  This was a cost-effective way for us to fight against the production and sale of the infringing goods.” Gavin Reay, Owner, uutensil Ltd

“On becoming aware of the sale of our goods online by an unauthorised trader, ECOCAMEL instructed BEUK to investigate this particular eBay trader whom we suspected was infringing our registered designs and/or or patents.

Before deciding which action to take against this trader, we first needed to establish any person(s) at the company, along with their current financial standing.

BEUK managed to confirm details of the two directors, their residential addresses, property ownership and value (purchase price £70k, current value £350k) along with three years’ worth of company financials that detailed their rate of growth (2011 10k to 2013 £35k).

We were also supplied with the trader’s second limited company which further demonstrated the scale of the operation. A third PLC was also discovered but had not yet filed any annual accounts.” Ofir Neuman, Owner, EcoCamel Ltd