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Your Reasons for Signing the ACID IP Charter

The motivations of ACID Charter Signatories

As a Code of Conduct and statement of intent, the ACID IP Charter has been embraced by individuals, businesses, and designers who believe in the value of protecting intellectual property. By reading on, you’ll discover the perspectives and motivations behind our Charter Signatories’ decision to pledge their support. We hope their diverse insights inspire you to consider joining us in supporting the protection of intellectual property.

Maggie Magoo Designs

I've had my work copied a few times and it's a horrible feeling. It seems to be happening more & more. It's great to know ACID is there, for support, guidance and fighting on our behalf.

Carole Fenwick


Spaced Out Limited

Design is a positive ingredient in a civilised society and therefore designers rights ought to be revered and protected

James Engel

Director / Designer

St James' Square Law Firm

Having worked with ACID in the past, I know first hand the great work undertaken to promote the right to protect and enforce intellectual property.

My firm is being acquired by national law firm, Knights Plc, soon, so I will also promote the work of ACID at this firm, too.

Thank you for all your hard work!

Connor Cartledge

Associate Solicitor

Shakti Crochet Crafts

It is so important for all designers and creatives to put their support behind this initiative. I’m signing so my voice can be heard in the campaigns to raise awareness for law reform in design and to be vocal that integrity in the creative industries is needed.

Faith Capstick


Pip and Elwood

With many of my designs being copied - and seeing so many copies of others - it is so important to raise awareness of IP infringement and equip designers with the information and help they deserve in protecting their work.

Sally Burrows


Lorna Bateman Embroidery

I have had both my website and my designs copied quite blatantly, with the designer believing that her designs maybe influenced by me. All craftspersons need to be educated as to what constitutes copyright infringement. As a member of ACID for a number of years now, I believe that education is the way forward.

Lorna Bateman

Owner/sole trader

1718 Ltd

We want to protect our designs, and feel strongly against IP infringement.

Susan Mancini


Ferrers Gallery Ltd

We often hear people here at Ferrers Gallery say, ‘oh that’s a good idea I could do that’ and photographing work to copy it. It’s becoming more blatant and we want our artists and designers to be protected from this, and we would like to promote our support to ACID and all it stands for.

Rachael chambers


Lydia Niziblian

I believe that creators should have protection from copies that claim 'imitation is the sincerest form of flattery' or that they are 'inspired by' designs. I believe in celebrating the diversity and creativity we have without the need for imitation. I believe that small businesses should have their hard work protected from large corporations imitations that they cannot afford to challenge.

Fire and Soul Jewellery

I am motivated to sign the ACID IP Charter so that the public can know what they are buying snd who they are buying from. It is very damaging to a small individual business if their hard work and designs are cheaply copied.

Heidi Walton


Clarion Events Ltd

More than ever, protecting the design work of our Industry is crucial. Having a Charter that we can all stand behind is naturally the most obvious way to protect ourselves against IP infringement and copyright disputes. The Furniture Show team here at Clarion Events are in full support of everything it stands for.

James Howard

Furniture Shows Manager

S Lilley & Son Limited

Fantastic idea...... it should be common sense for us all to adapt 'respect and compliance and an ethical approach' to fellow designers so credit is given to the right people or Company designs.

Simon lilley


OIS Inventions Limited

I've seen so many innovations, designs, creations being copied over the years with no renumeration or acknowledgment to the creator

Jock Boyle

Inventor / Founder / CEO

Fit & Proper Design

There's a big difference between taking inspiration from others in industry, and taking those ideas and intentionally using them as your own ideas. As a small business owner, I believe it's important to protect creative intellectual property, so that everyone's ideas and work are respected and valued. I've been aware of ACID since I was a student, and I'm happy to sign up the charter.

Colin Batchelor


Kounoupias IP

Design rights have been considered for far too long as being in some way a less important IP right than other areas despite obvious factual evidence to the contrary. Designers are as much victims of IP theft, if not more so, than other IP rights owners. Without the support of an organisation like ACID representing them at Government level they are unable to change this impression. Nick Kounoupias has supported ACID since its inception and Kounoupias IP will continue to so until ACID's objectives in changing the legal landscape for designers is achieved.

Nick Kounoupias


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The ACID Charter is a Code of Conduct and a statement of intent that sets out your promise to uphold ethics, respect and compliance as a minimum to designers of original works. ACID Charter Signatories are those who have taken this pledge - from individuals and businesses within any industry, to designers themselves.

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Whether you are a student, sole trader, micro, macro, SME or Corporate, ACID Membership can help to underpin your intellectual property rights and your creation of a sound IP policy to enable your company to grow. ACID Members receive access to a whole host of benefits, services and self-help tools.