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Ahava Glass


After becoming fascinated by the medium of glass, Jason at Ahava Glass is now following in his grandfather’s footsteps, combining modern Jewish culture, with old fashioned craftsmanship and artistry. Jason has now developed a beautiful range of bespoke wedding glass gifts, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Why did you join ACID?

I joined originally because I needed a way of supporting the copywrite in my work. As a glass artist the main thing that i use for protecting my work is artistic copyright. There is no patent for art work unfortunately so this is the best way of ensuring that my products are safeguarded globally.

How did you start your business?

I started my business completely the wrong way round I started by developing a product which I knew was unique and niche in the market and then I figured out a way of how to make it and after that protected it and then marketed the product.

How do you create and protect your designs?

The main way I create my items is by trial and error. Because it’s glass blowing it’s all done very quickly and on the bench. By that what I mean is not everything that I can think of will always work in practice so it’s a case of seeing what colours will go, as well as what popular items will be.  Then it’s a case of recreating the process repeatedly till it’s perfect.

Which ACID services have you used?

I use the ACID logo on my website and all my literature and I have submitted to the Design Databank.

What are you currently promoting?

I’m currently in Manhattan signing up distribution points and resellers for my Wedding items and packages.

What is your most successful product?

The ‘Wedding Mezuzah package’ is my most popular seller.

As part of a Jewish wedding ceremony a Glass is smashed by the groom which ends the ceremony (some people say it’s the last time he gets to put his foot down) I blow a glass in a colour of the couple’s choice. When the broken pieces are returned to me I remake them into a piece of modern Judaica for the happy couple so they have something from their wedding day that they can keep forever.

The package including the glass for smashing is £135.






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