ACID Corporate Membership Benefits

Unique Corporate Member Benefits

As a Corporate Member you will receive an Intellectual Property Strategy Review (IPSR) as part of your member benefits. The IPSR includes: IP questionnaire to ascertain the current level of your IP strategy, protection and an audit of agreements in place, Half day consultation with two IP specialists, Recommendation for training for design,marketing and director teams, Bespoke report with ACID IP recommendations. Your IPSR helps establish your IP as an asset,can form the basis for lending, acquisition or sale and enables your proactive IP strategy. The value of the IPSR alone is around £5000 and is provided completely free of any charges with your ACID Corporate Membership.

An IPSR serves to identify any areas of your business that will benefit from a one-to-one, focused discussion about your
IP strategy and, essentially, it provides ACID with a deeper insight into your company so that we can respond to your needs more effectively. ACID members for whom we have undertaken an IPSR have found that it has identified IP issues of which they were previously unaware and provided a focus for solutions.  Find out more in the Corporate Member Area.



bi-monthly e-news




on topical subjects and

influential networking


Corporate Portal

On Website

with free downloads of templates and IPSR updates


Online Diagnostic

Health Check

check out the health of your intellectual property


Dedicated Trade Mark


specialist advice on all IP registrations




as breakfast/late afternoon two-hour sessions




campaigning meetings, political lobbying, Design & IP Confederation, industry roundtables


ACID Corporate


partnering/supporting sector innovative lone, micro & SMEs


Other ACID Membership Benefits Include…

ACID IP Databank (for Copyright & Designs) Upload designs through your profile onto our website. Valuable third party dated evidence of their existence and the date of receipt by ACID. A downloadable certificate, with a unique, tamper proof number is supported by the Policy Intellectual Property Unit (PIPCU) and signed by ACID’s Chief Counsel.

Corporate connection at partner level with the best UK IP lawyers. Initial, free legal advice for each separate issue/subject with specially discounted ACID Member rates should you need to instruct an ACID Legal Affiliate.

Mediation ACID provides a mediation service for members and nonmembers as a real alternative to litigation.

ACID Brand Enforcement ACID’s latest service to assist with offline and online takedowns of infringing products from sales platforms. Licence to use the ACID logo and Intellectual Property statement on your marketing materials and web site – a powerful deterrent to copyists and also a benchmark of original design to show your consumers!

Promote images of your designs on ACID Marketplace where design buyers register to view designs and their details are tracked on your online profile in a safer trading environment Access to the Members’ Area of the ACID website, bursting with information and practical tips on IP issues.

Access to general IP design protection advice via email, phone or website from our Membership team. E-bulletins and quarterly printed newsletter – the latest news, views and advice on IP issues.

ACID has an active social media communications’ strategy through which successful settlements are publicised and through which our members’ awards, new products launches and news stories are shared across the broader design community.