ACID Brand Enforcement Services


Specialist help for online and offline infringements

In our constant pursuit to provide our ACID members with access to specialist help to tackle IP issues, we have partnered with three organisations, Snapdragon IP, Brand Enforcement UK and Kounoupias IP. All have excellent track records in fighting online and offline intellectual property theft proactively and efficiently, with Nick Kounoupias having specialist knowledge and experience in criminal prosecutions.

Especially designed for SMEs at specially negotiated ACID member discounts and in a cost efficient way, allow yourself to get on with your business, knowing that the experts are dealing with your IP challenges.

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Snapdragon IP – online assistance

The swift removal of links to products which infringe

your intellectual property from online marketplaces

Brand Enforcement UK – counterfeiting & piracy

Investigation – intelligence, surveillance, raids;

Support; Educate – awareness alerts

Enforcement – customs seizures, witness statements;

Kounoupias IP – Criminal Prosecutions

ACID Chief Counsel Nick Kounoupias   is one of the UK’s leading experts in anti-piracy and anti-counterfeiting with extensive experience managing and conducting investigations in the IP sector.

He is considered to have pioneered the use of private prosecutions against copyright infringers for the music industry and has successfully prosecuted many cases.