“Once I had created the look of my product, Ewgeco, I was looking to protect it quickly and effectively. ACID was my solution, cost effective and simple with a strong reassurance – just what you need when starting out in business. I am very proud to be an ambassador for such a proactive organisation.”

Tanya Ewing, Inventor of the Year 2008, Ewgeco

“I like the professional support that ACID offers me and my company EGAR. It is a continuous and comfortable feeling knowing such a brilliant organisation is on hand to help me with any copyright issues every step of the way!”

Sue Scott-Horne

“Being involved with an ACID Accredited Exhibition like Spring Fair gives us confidence and I know that any alleged copying issues will be dealt with on site at the exhibition. It is daunting to go to an international fair with new designs because with new technology, new products are so easy to copy. It is in the exhibition organiser's interest to protect the IP of design led exhibitors to keep them designing and creating, because it brings the buyers in. After all, buyers are attracted by new products.”

Dan Black, Black+Blum

“I started using the Design Databank for my new collection and it's been good to drop into conversations with those that may think about stealing my designs that they have been sent to ACID. I'll be starting work on my 2012 collection soon and will be getting them in early for those this year.”

Kelly Scully, Tantrums and Tiaras

“As soon as ACID pointed this out at the IP Audit, we were able to purchase a generic, reusable IP Assignment Agreement and, together with some further advice from ACID Accredited Law Firm McDaniel & Co, this is now part of our standard re-usable menu of agreements.”

Emma Holmes, Bentley UK Sales & Marketing Manager

“A culture that values and respects intellectual property is one where ideas flourish and their progenitors are fairly rewarded. We need bodies like ACID to create, maintain and police that culture.”

Kevin McCloud, Grand Designs

“Since its very beginning ACID has taken an active role in raising awareness of the damage caused to the design industry by fake copies. I congratulate Dids Macdonald and her team on the improvements they have stimulated in this area.”

Baroness Morgan, former Minister of Intellectual Property