ACID Trade Association Partners

Trade Associations within all areas of the design and manufacturing industry have a responsibility to equip their members with IP know-how.

ACID Trade Association Partners

ACID provides a powerful partnership for Trade Associations seeking to enhance their members’ benefits and helps protect their members from IP theft and the associated damage, whilst endorsing all that ACID represents in industry.

ACID has formed Trade Association Partnerships with numerous bodies to help raise the profile and value of intellectual property (IP). This move is part of an on-going campaign by ACID to actively support trade organisations pan-industry.  Through IP education – how to protect designs and integrate IP as part of a corporate marketing plan – ACID advises the Trade Association Partners on issues which affect the applicable sector.

IGI International Wallcovering Manufacturers Association
IGI International Wallcovering Manufacturers Association

IGI, the International Wallcovering Manufacturers Association, was founded in 1950 as a not-for-profit organisation committed to representing key players and decision makers in the wallcoverings industry – manufacturers and suppliers – active in the five continents of the world.

IGI is recognised as a valuable, comprehensive and authoritative information source on the wallcoverings industry.

Says Geraldine De Limelette, Secretary General, IGI, “We have spent the last year working closely with ACID to promote the value of IP within membership.  As an ACID trade association partner we can now offer our members the depth of expertise and experience ACID has in fighting design theft while helping our members develop individual IP strategies to underpin their commercial objectives.

Adds Dids Macdonald, CEO of ACID, “The wallcoverings association is another trade organisation to take advantage of ACID’s Trade Associations module. The module is bespoke according to the market sector and includes a discounted group membership fee, seminars, tailored IP advice through regular web and newsletter features, standard tender agreements, and IP clinics plus over 30 ACID membership benefits including IP legal advice and the use of the free ACID design databank. I strongly advise any trade association who is committed to design protection and IP education to talk to ACID.

Visit the IGI website

The British Contract Furnishing Association
The British Contract Furnishing Association

Established in 1970 The BCFA is the only trade association dedicated to serving the UK contract furnishing market. Members furnish buildings throughout the UK and many operate on a worldwide basis. The potential applications are extensive and include; hotels, restaurants, offices, schools & universities, hospitals, carehomes, cruise ships , outdoor spaces, sporting and leisure venues – in fact anywhere outside the domestic housing market.

The aim of the BCFA is to encourage and maintain levels of excellence in design, innovation, product quality and in particular in customer service. Promoting designers, manufacturers and suppliers of contract furnishings the BCFA fosters the industry by networking, lobbying, exhibitions, publications and professional development. This is in addition to providing independent and authorative advice on key industry issues.

The BCFA has a range of activities to support members in their quest to turn opportunities into valuable new business. This support platform allows them to take advantage of the ever changing global economy in ways that they could not do alone.

How do we help our members…

  • In depth research on the market, news & business opportunities
  • Bringing the member’s products and services to the attention of the market via the web, members’ directory and relationships with the industry press
  • Networking events facilitating opportunities to meet buyers and to build relationships with existing customers
  • Channelling members views to government & regulatory bodies and ensuringtheir interests are protected.
  • Providing knowledge through our education programme
  • Appointed representative by the Government to provide guidance to UK companies on promotion overseas including access to government funding
  • Agreeing preferential rates with service companies that may be used by members
  • Product & project endorsement through BCFA accreditation & awards schemes
  • Membership of the industry trade association endorses your status in the industry

Over 4 decades many companies have used membership of the BCFA to create successful businesses. In this highly competitive industry membership of the BCFA gives tangible benefits and provides a vital marketing advantage. Customers can expect a commitment to excellence
from BCFA members.
Carolyn Mitchell, Director, Walker Greenbank.

Vist the British Contract Furnishing Association Website

British Furniture Manufacturers
British Furniture Manufacturing Logo

ACID, (Anti Copying in Design) is delighted to announce the formation of a trade association partnership with the British Furniture Manufacturers (BFM) to help raise the profile and value of intellectual property (IP) among its members.

This move is part of an on-going campaign by ACID to actively support trade organisations pan industry.  Through IP education – how to protect your designs and how to integrate IP as part of a corporate or marketing strategy - ACID will also advise BFM members on creating a safe trading environment by safeguarding their design equity when tendering or pitching for business.

Visit the BFM website for more information

Craft and Hobby Association
The Lighting Association

In 2004, the Hobby Industry Association (HIA) and the Association of Crafts & Creative Industries (ACCI), joined forces to form the Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) and usher in a new dawn in the craft industry. Today the CHA consists of thousands of member companies engaged in the design, manufacture, distribution and retail sales of products within the near-$30-billion US craft marketplace. In May 2012 members of the UK craft industry petitioned to create CHA's first international chapter, the CHA-UK, with its own Board of Directors, UK-based staff and UK-centric member benefits. CHA-UK, they exist to help businesses optimise return, succeed financially, and

CHA-UK Aims to:

  • Unite the UK craft industry
  • Grow the UK craft industry and help our members achieve success
  • Organise a trade association that’s unique to the needs of the UK craft market, governed by the leaders of that industry
  • Provide UK-specific benefits to all members
  • Offer affordable membership and tangible returns

As a member of the CHA-UK, you’ll have access to the kind of support that membership in the world's leading craft association alone can provide.

  • Invited to ‘Regional and Thinking Days’ 
  • Access to the dedicated member websites that they run on your behalf
  • Have access to discounted online webinars & seminars on all the industries hot topics which gives you information, assistance and advice.
  • Invited to educational events on topics that will be offered with help and be of interest to you.
  • Have access to special UK surveys and industry research designed to give you an instant snapshot of what is happening within the UK industry.
  • Have the same rights as any CHA member, meaning that you are able to attend the CHA trade shows, have access to all the USA surveys and benefits.

For more information, click here to contact their team


National Bed Federation
National Bed Federation

Founded in 1912, the National Bed Federation (NBF) is the only trade association specifically for the UK bed industry, representing UK based bed manufacturers and their bedding component suppliers (both UK and overseas based).

The NBF is strongly supported by the bed industry – it is estimated its members account for over 75% of UK bed manufacturing turnover. It prides itself on its representation of the bed industry as a whole rather than any one part of it, treating manufacturer and supplier members as equals.

The NBF is one of the most respected trade associations in the furnishing sector. It represents the industry with government, regulators and standard makers – both in the UK and Europe. It is an executive member of the British Furniture Confederation (BFC), which works to raise the profile and concerns of the furniture and bed industry in political circles; and a member of the European Bedding Industry Association. It also enjoys close links with the USA’s International Sleep Products Association (ISPA). The NBF is also a member of the British Standards Institute and plays an active role on standards committees for mattresses and beds; and a member of the Furniture Industry Research Association (FIRA).

As a leading, impartial authority on beds and mattresses, the NBF is a regular source of information and advice for consumer, retailer, professional, legal and media enquiries. And through our public face The Sleep Council a major educator on sleep, as well as beds.

Members also benefit from a number of specific services: Credit Controllers Forums; State of Trade benchmarking surveys; Trade Name Register, twice yearly GfK consumer marketing reports; free website listings and an online classified product search; and a Buying Group that has identified savings of over £900,000 for participants (an average of over £34,600 per company).

The NBF is also the organiser of the Bed Show – the UK’s number one showcase specifically for beds, which held its first, hugely successful event in 2010. A second event is being held in from 27-28 September 2011, once again at the International Centre in Telford. The event has significantly raised the profile of the NBF over the last year and as only NBF members can exhibit there have subsequently been a significant number of new applicants to the NBF.

All new members are carefully vetted and the criteria for membership is strictly monitored to ensure standards are maintained. All companies must have been trading in the UK for 12 months and members supplying the UK market with mattresses, divan sets, bedsteads, futons, or headboards must have a UK or Ireland-based manufacturing plant making a substantial part of that product offering. A Charter of Membership declaring compliance to UK regulations on flammability, health & safety, environment and employment regulations is also signed annually by members.

Says Jessica Alexander, Executive Director National Bed Federation, “I am delighted we have been invited to join ACID as a Trade Association Partner.  Intellectual Property infringement is an issue which has affected many members and I hope our new partnership with ACID illustrates our commitment to fighting design theft and raising awareness about the positive aspects of brand protection and commercialisation. The move is timely with the current Review on Intellectual Property commissioned by the Prime Minister and the NBF will be fully supporting ACID’s submission to the Review”.

Dids Macdonald, CEO of ACID, said, “The National Bed Federation is the 5th trade association to take advantage of ACID’s Trade Associations module.  Our trade partnership scheme is bespoke according to specific market sectors and includes a discounted group membership fee, seminars, tailored IP advice through regular web and newsletter features, standard tender agreements and IP clinics plus over 30 ACID membership benefits including IP legal advice and the use of the free ACID design bank.  I strongly advise any trade association who is committed to design protection and IP education to talk to ACID.

Visit the National Bed Federation Website

SDEA (Shop & Display Equipment Association)
SDEA (Shop & Display Equipment Association)

The Shop and Display Equipment Association represents manufacturers and suppliers of shopfittings, display, point of sale, signage and visual merchandising. It has over 60 years’ experience serving its members and an in-depth knowledge of the retail display industry, making it a highly valued organisation, well equipped to promote its 200 members, increase their sales and offer them peace of mind.

Services to members include:

  • Free listing on the sdea website, plus free hyperlink and keywords
  • Free entry in all sections of the sdea Directory of Shopfittings and Display
  • Free access to 200 fellow members plus invaluable networking opportunities
  • Free sales leads by telephone, post and email
  • Free Legal Advice service, 24 hours a day
  • Free PR Planner and Press Directory detailing 200+ trade magazines and forthcoming industry features
  • Free Sales & Marketing Presentations. Plus annual ‘Meet the Buyer’ event
  • Free Shoptalk newsletter and information bulletins
  • Free Membership Certificate and use of the sdea logo
  • Free Membership of the International Shopfitting Organisation
  • Free subscription to industry magazines
  • Free brochure mailing service
  • Free access to discount arrangements on such diverse products as: AA membership, HP & Apple  computers,Viking stationery, business insurance, commercial vehicles, advertising rates, credit searches, industry conferences, car hire, exhibition stand space (especially at The In-Store Show at Earls Court) and much more
  • Priceless credibility from membership of the industry’s trade association

For over 60 years the Shop and Display Equipment Association has been at the heart of retail display helping members and acting as an information source for retailers and specifiers. It is delighted to be associated with ACID in its campaign against copying.

Visit the SDEA Website

The Lighting Association
The Lighting Association

We are a privately funded company owned by our members with an annually elected Council of Management. The Association employs 25 full time staff including technical specialists.

Our principles
We operate, as any normal efficient business should, we are a serviced based operation. All services and sectors within the LA are managed as profitable cost centres. This allows us to invest in two areas to promote and protect members, promotion and marketing, and technical services. A member of LA staff represents the Members on all technical matters. We strongly believe in this principle as members tell us that their interests are being looked after when this principle is employed. All technical decisions are made by the technical committee who meet 5 times a year. All major decisions are ratified by the Council of Management. It is our principle that we do not use voicemail. We try to answer all enquiries by using our extensive database and our members’ library.

Our members look to us to:

  • Keep them up to date with new legislation
  • Ensure products meet the required standards
  • Discover new markets in the UK, Europe and world-wide
  • Provide informed technical advice and support
  • Represent interests both at home and abroad
  • Establish and maintain close liaison with associated trade and Government bodies
  • Generate detailed market intelligence
  • Engage in a wide range of publicity campaigns and information campaigns to promote new lighting ideas and better use of lighting in both domestic and commercial installation
  • Laboratory type test facilities for luminaires and ballasts including lumen output testing
  • Technical Code of Practice for manufacturers
  • Training for manufacturers and lighting retailers

The Association also has an Associate Retail Membership open to Lighting Retailers. The Lighting Association has been promoting, protecting, and serving its members and the lighting industry for over 65 years.

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