Respect for intellectual property and ethical trading are inextricably linked. The ACID “Spot the Difference” gallery is aimed at raising awareness of some examples where it is difficult to tell the difference between the original and remarkably similar products. What do you think?

Design right is about the appearance of a product, in particular, the shape, texture, colour, materials used, contours and ornamentation. To qualify as a new design, the overall impression should be different from any existing design. Usually the creator of the design owns any rights except for work commissioned during employment when the rights belong to the employer.

Unregistered design rights protect the shape or configuration of a product and arise automatically.


tl_files/2016/BlueBone Imports vs Baumhaus- Original or Copy.,.jpg

tl_files/2015/alice and sains 400.jpg


tl_files/2015/300 peta and start2play.jpg

tl_files/2015/wilko wooden puzzle penguin.JPGtl_files/2015/wilko wooden longdog.JPGtl_files/2015/lankalongdog150.jpgtl_files/2015/lankapenguin150.jpgtl_files/2015/lanka dog 150.jpg

tl_files/2015/The BDS Cycle Ring.jpgtl_files/2015/The Cycle Hoop.jpg

tl_files/2014/JK FABRIC vs LA FABRIC 150.jpg